Wednesday, July 23, 2008

He Is Crowned

It was like a story from the medieval kingdoms, or more recently, Prince Caspian. Young heir is in danger of having throne usurped by older evil ambitious uncles....except in this case, the older isn't evil la. It's just that I got a message, cant remember via what media, from XFPI, Shades, asking if he can regain his title, as he will be returning to teach BP. Oddly enough, just last Saturday, at Yhsmom's birthday dinner, I had muttered to Lionheart that I guess after so long, YI (Young Instructor aka JPS) was really the undeclared FPI. BUT, the recent "threat" of a title being usurped has made me think that its high time the announcement be made formal. Afterall, though the gorgeous Richelle was a contender, sigh, due to time constraints etc, I hardly ever get to attend her class. So, I present you my new Favourite Pump Instructor.

I wanted to draw a Tiara on the FSI, but it's hard to do so with a mouse.

So yeah, last week, FPI's class was the only one I attended, before succumbing to a powerful bug that rendered me on a cocktail of antibiotics, antihistamines and paracetamol. I swear that working out in the gym when you are on the verge of getting sick only accelerates the process. The freezing cold aircond, blowing on a sweaty top, in a closed, its germ disco time.

The Monday class was packed. The demographics comprise Males who are either elderly, (ie, 40 above) or college students, (20 below), and a sprinkling of tai tais. The regular males these days comprise Lionheart, Faizal, another gentleman, apparently called Tan, and Dave Duku's Twin. (DDT). It didnt occur to me at first, until pointed out by Lion. (that the guy bore a startling resemblance to Dave Duku). Lion was rather excited at the thought of a biceps track with 80 singles. Quite funny, when we were talking about 80 singles at the birthday dinner, wife innocently remarked, "oh? but 80s singles are nice wat"....Err.... 80 single biceps, not EIGHTIES singles....

That brings us to this week. Monday, pump as usual. Fewer people this time, at least 2 missing regulars, ie, Tan and DDT. Oh, there's also a Susan Sarandon lookalike in the class. After a week's hiatus from gym, I was quite winded, and the tracks all seem a bit too fast paced, especially triceps, which went from pushups to kickbacks to bar work, with all of 2 second intervals between changes. Aiyo, old man like me can't move so fast la. Biceps, (not 80 singles) was horrendous.

I could still feel the pain in the arms the following day in Combat. The class seemed emptier than usual, with a lot of usual faces missing, like Megs, Lion, Janvier, Dominic...without Janvier, the class was even quieter, now that Certifiable Steve no longer attends. Nevertheless, it was a great workout, and I found it tiring coz haven't done for a week. After a relatively easy 3 weeks of conditioning from the new release, this sudden triceps blast was .....a BLAST alright. For the first time, (is he getting old too?) I saw FCI doing pushups ENTIRELY on his knees. Gasp! My hero, doing pushups on his knees?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I've Been Quite Good

Actually, hmm, come to think of it, I only missed two days of exercise last week. Let us recap the week that was. The country is in turmoil. As I sat in a seminar room somewhere in the golden triangle, I looked at the grey clouds that loomed, ominous of the tempest that was brewing all around. I digress. This is not meant to be a political commentary.

Last Monday, pump as usual with JPS. It occured to me, and Lionheart concurs, that that 4.45pm class has the most number of "uncles" present. Every week you see the same old faces. Over time, some become more friendly, and give you the cursory smile, whilst some, can stare you right in the face with a completely blank and almost hostile look, without so much as a flicker of an eyebrow. It's almost always the same, JPS appears just in time, and looking like a schoolboy late for class, he'd run in quickly, and scramble to hook up all the appliances. What can I say about the class? It's release 66 still, so well, basically it's the new release. I still can't do those triceps dips, nor can I do that shoulder track in its entirety. And I definitely cannot do that conditioning thing where you lie on your side, propped up on your elbow and do those strange movements. After about 20 seconds in that position, I started convulsing like a demon possessed man.

Tuesday was combat. Engdian told me that he won't be able to attend this particular class in future due to some work changes. How sad. It's like a classmate moving schools. Kombat Koala (I just found out that was his (FCI's) nickname bestowed by his best friend) was in his elements as usual, and the class was packed. Jakarta Jan was there too, and she later on in the week declared that she'll have to team teach with KK, since his class is too crowded and there's no space to stand amongst the members.

Wed and Thurs were gym skipping day. On Friday, I decided I had to try the new body step release, but to my dismay, it wasn't a familiar name on the timetable, and She Who Popped My Cherry apparently has given up that slot coz she can no longer fake it, and her knee injury was getting worse. From the name, I assumed the instructor was either a Kaur or a Singh. A quick sms to Shades (I dunno why him, of all people. Probably there was an ongoing conversation at that point) confirmed that it was neither Singh nor Kaur. Turns out, the guy looks bizarrely like a smaller version of Shades, crossed with that combat instructor, Jack. And even bears half of Shades name. I'm not used to losing my New Release Virginity to strangers. It's one of the rare occasions I've done a new release with someone other than FSI, or 2nd FSI (who seems to have vanished off the schedule oridi). I quite enjoy this new release. Tiring.

On Saturday, now that Leon is no longer teaching combat at the Curve, and there's little incentive to spend RM4 on toll, RM3 on parking, and god knows how much on FUEL!, I decided to head to nearby Manulife, for Step, with Kenny. Lionheart was hosting dinner that night, and in anticipation of a debaucherous banquet, with 5000 kcals, I decided I really needed to do at least one class. To my dismay, (but secret relief) it turned out to be a 45 minute class. Dunno why it's 45 minutes, since the Kelvin Tan combat slot which has been from 6-6.45 since time immemorial, has been scrapped. Sob sob. There goes the end of an era.

Kenny as usual delighted us with his hilarious remarks. The one I remember most was while doing squats, he said, "This will make your butt small and tight". Ooooh!!!

And that brings us full cycle to another class on Monday. JPS again! He has promised us, (or more specifically, promised Lion) a painful class next Monday ....since he'll no longer have to follow the new release.