Monday, March 23, 2009

Gym Wedding Cum Musical......

Let's face it. Attending a GXI's wedding, in FF, and prob in most other gyms, is a RARE occasion..... if you get my drift.

So yes, finally the speculation ended, ....Teoh (FSI) remarked, "I warned him you know, there's no turning back".... and Shades finally took the plunge. Yup, with Karynn. Actually, I think no one was surprised to find the wedding a semi full fledged musical. So the venue had a horrendous sound system, so the guests lost 80% of the lyrics, so 60% of the guests couldn't see their song and dance....but as long as the bride and groom had a good time, that's the most important thing.


So yeah, its also kinda strange to see all the GXI's (females) dolled up, and with in, non gym attire. My my, what a visual feast. Even Macho Nippon Lady Instructor looked so lady, that the Macho moniker sooo does not apply. Jakarta Jan was stunning, as were Cindy and Swee.... it's also nice to see everyone so smiley and happy. Scenes like this always remind me of Louis Armstrong's It's A Wonderful World.


I've always known the couple to love singing. They're both heavily involved in their church's choir and music ministries, so as I said, I wouldn't have expected anything less. Heck, even Terence, no 1 in Tianjin, sang at his wedding. What more Shades, who probably harbors secret dreams of cutting his own album. I know the kind.

The entrance, he at the stage, she at the door, belting out a WHOLE NEW WORLD, from Aladdin. The sound system was a real let down. So we could only hear bits and pieces of the Jasmine and Aladdin duet. But it was a sweet concept.

The next number, after we were somewhat satiated with food, was a re-written PART OF YOUR WORLD, from Little Mermaid. Actually, it was rather touching, and funny, but again, the lyrics were lost coz of the bad sound system. As I was wandering around taking pics, I heard most of it, and thought it a pity that such effort did not reach the audience 100%.


Then there was a Grease number, YOU BETTER SHAPE UP..... hahaha, soooooo SHADES!!!!

The finale was definitely the brain child of Body Jammers, and I have to say, exceedingly well choreographed. It was to the Greast song, WE GO TOGETHER.... very entertaining dance moves. Wife commented she never seen a bride and groom do so much work on their wedding night. Was there enough energy for the other conjugal duties, I wonder?


For more pics of the event, you can go to these links. Part 1 & Part 2.

Anyway, congratulations, to the newly weds, and May God bless you both as you embark on this journey together.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Watching Reruns

After I emerged from Kenny's step class last Thursday, at Manulife, Jacq, (gorgeous woman) who was outside, waiting to teach Jam, muttered as she walked past me, "Hmmph, you had tickets for a red carpet premiere and you chose to stay home and watch reruns?".... She was of course, referring to her numerous invites for previews to the new release, (well, she DID pop 91.66% of my cherry, as I HAD done 11 out of the 12 tracks from the new release preview with her), and the fact that I found time to attend a usual class of old tracks.

Kenny's class is always entertaining. And a very mixed crowd, with ages ranging from errr...maybe early twenties to late 50s.... He was team teaching with another instructor. Loved the tracks he chose, and taught. What a great sweat.

Lets see, now, there was Kento's classes as usual...Lionheart has been missing the last two weeks. Which meant the classes weren't murder sessions. Combat as usual too. Was pleasantly surprised to see Shahnon there last week. This younger generation of combaters don't seem as willing to shout as the old ones.

And I've just done my back in, from lifting light grocery bags... roll eyes. Hope can still workout!