Thursday, January 15, 2009

IMHO, A Star is Born.........

To be honest, I am a bit worried that when this present batch of FIs get old and wither away, like the autumn leaves in autumn, and when their ligaments wear off like old brake pads, who will replace them? Let's face it, some of them are wearing out even before their time, due to over exertion, constant thumping, ..... but my worry doesn't only stem from loving concern for their welfare, but for my own good, for ahem, to be quite honest, I dont seem to "connect" with most of the newbies classes I've attended. Maybe with the passage of time, they will eventually evolve to be as good (good being a relative term) as their predecessors and mentors. There seem to be gaping holes in the succession, ...... much like the Chrystanthemum Throne.... like Combat, for example. If FCI retires, I cannot think of whose class I'd like to attend....maybe its time to start shopping around. ... For Step, for now, there are still a lot of fantastic oldies around, but when they go, ....who then?

SO, indeed, it was a breath of fresh air, when this young lad, same birthdate (as in day and month, not year) as me, who added me onto Facebook because of that (geee, normally I wouldn't have entertained these additions from strangers), invited me to attend his pump class, where he was replacing Sue. Yeah, it sounds almost scandalous, chatting on FB with a lad young enough to me my son, but heck, so is FPI aka JPS. But anyway, I did frivolously mention once that if he ever taught in FF, Manulife, specifically, I'd make an effort to attend the class.

Anyway, the Wed 4.45pm class isn't as hardcore as the Monday 4.45pm class, and the young lad, being a guest instructor and all, certainly wasn't going to try to cram 10 tracks, so I knew I should be able to survive the class. Not a bad turnout, probably around 10 people. I enjoyed the class, although there was no flicker of recognition, no smile, no nod, NUFFINK AITELYA, to even hint that he knew I was the FB "penpal". Good strong command, good diction, good cueing..... physically he reminded me of a cross between JPS and Eugene Nyam.... JPS prob because of the age, and height. I reckon this one has potential. No regrets, going for the class. As we're still on the new release, there were no surprises there either..... except it seemed a bit easier than JPS' class.... hmmmm, wonder WHY!

Tuesday combat as usual, the class is regaining its crowds, lost somewhat during the fler's suspension. As I entered just before the start of the class, there was already no space in the frontal area....This release is tiring, especially track 6, with the Esciva? Escobar? whatever.... with the lunges and front kicks. Far too many directions in such a short time for an old man like me. FCI looks happy, and cheery, which is good. The tall guy, who had disappeared for a long time now, suddenly made a reappearance. Maybe he's on summer holiday or something. The landscape of the class is changing, with fewer and fewer familiar faces.

Monday, JPS's class, painful as usual despite the relatively easy release. I dread next week when the old tracks flood the class once again. Managed to balance the bar on my shoulders for that weird squats during lunges.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pop Pop Pop

Saturday afternoon, 3rd January, .....

"I am still feeling the after shock effects of the New Year Eve party. Sluggish can't even begin to describe my state. It's more like zombified. I have to get myself out of the rut. I need to SWEAT, NOW!".

I head to the gym, and because I had other errands to run that morning, I decided the most effective way to spend the time was to jog on the treadmill. I plod along quite happily, when suddenly there's a tap on my shoulder, and its Serena (Richelle). Arghhhhhh, she can't be running next to me. It's like a hippo running alongside a gazelle!!! (Note, it rhymes with richelle). Sigh. Anyway, the hippo completes his 30 minute stampede, covers 4.4km, sweating like a pig on heat.... (actually I learnt recently in the Singapore zoo that hippos cant sweat, that's why they like to soak in the tub).

Feeling very proud of myself, that I had managed to detox a bit of the excesses of alcohol, I continued with the rest of the day, when I got THIS sms:

From Jacqueline Wong aka Gorgeous Woman:

Thanks to the online schedule that wasnt working, I didnt even know she was teaching that day, or I myself would have sms-ed her to ask if she was teaching. Well, as it happened, I hadn't popped my cherry for any of the new releases.

I reply that I will try to be there, and she replies, "YES! POP POP POP!!!"

With much effort, limbs still aching from the hippo run, (sheesh, gazelle was galloping away effortlessly), I dragged myself to the step class. Of course, GW can teach anything and the class would still be excellent, so what can I say, it WAS excellent. As I fumbled over some steps, she sniggered, and said, "I'm laughing WITH you, not AT you". Yeah, right.

With more cherries to be popped, I almost eagerly went for Body Pump on Monday as usual. As expected, Lionheart does not grace classes in the first 3 weeks of new releases, as he bores easily. JPS aka FPI kinda hinted that it was a tough release.

Harumph. After the torture he's been subjecting us to in the last month, the new release was like drinking shandy after months of AK47 or Long Island Tea. That was my original assessment. However, maybe its like small doses of arsenic, as opposed to his usual hemlock, that kills you instantly. I found myself aching like hell the next day. Interesting changes. No bar work for triceps, some funny manouvre in lunges that require you to balance the bar in front, like a circus clown. Can't really say it's an evocative release. I doubt any of those tracks will see light of day once the compulsory period for new releases is over.

And finally, my combat cherry, reserved of course for FCI. Actually, of all the 3 new releases I've tried, I think combat is my favourite. Lots of seemingly new stuff. I guess it makes sense. Afterall, there are endless permutations for violence and fighting, whereas, how many ways can you STEP, right? Up and down and up and down. So combat choreographers have it good, as they have a far larger choice of movements.

I found combat exhausssssting. I enjoyed FCI's class tremendously, and looks like lots of absentees in December were now back, as the class was packed. I kinda like the 8th track, that back to basic jabs, uppercuts and hooks. Something very primal and adrenaline pumping.

Yeah, so happy new year everyone. I did attend some classes before the end of the year, but ugh, they are not worthy of mention. ..........

On a separate note, YAY, MR COOL is teaching pump in Manulife again. But aiyo, its on Tuesday lunchtime, when I would have hardly recovered from FPI's pump on Monday. Drat. But at least Mr Cool is now in the radar, so maybe he might drop into some of the other slots, or even RPM.