Monday, December 15, 2008

I've Been Lazy........

In the blink of an eye, its been 2 weeks since my last post. I think I've been eating and partying more than I have been gymming, which probably explains the lack of updates. I mean, I did turn another year older in the last two weeks....

And special thanks to the very good and beloved gym friends who made the turning of age so much more memorable. Sometimes, I look at the scales, and realise the best thing to have come out of me joining the gym is really the friendships that have been forged, both with members and instructors. Thanks yhsmom, Lionheart and Sunshine for the dinner and present. It was a wonderful evening. Aiyo, such generosity, very hard to reciprocate.

Hmmm, thinking very hard...oh, I was out of town from 2nd - 4th December, which meant skipping FPI's Monday class, because I was lazy, and FCI's class, because I was out of town. Then, I think I went for Serena's pump class on the Friday following that..... of course she expressed mock shock and surprise to see me there. But truth be told, I love her class, and would make it a point to attend regularly, were it not for the fact that it's on Friday night. Friday nights are usually bad. Between baking, bible study and partying, there is inevitably some obstacle.

Anyway, it was a darn painful class, considering the girl had just returned from a long hiatus from teaching pump. There was a board for yhsmom, in abstentia. But yeah, pain pain pain all the way. Lionheart was looking gleeful and relishing every bit of pain.

I think I went jogging, on Saturday morning, and Kiara walk on Sunday, so no gym, until the following Monday, which was FPI's class as usual. Ugh, it was a tough tough class. Felt my arms were about to fall off. It was a public holiday, and class was in the morning, at 10.30am. Don't people want to sleep in or something? It was a cold, rainy, british day, and STILL the class was full. In fact, Lion and Mrs Lion, yhsmom etc were all there. Like a reunion! But oh the pain the pain.

If I had any strength left in the arms, it was completely annihilated by Tuesday night, after FCI's class and triceps blasters. The cast of the class seems to have changed drastically. Apart from one or two familiar faces, everyone looks very new and young. Maybe I am in demographic denial. But FCI looked in good spirits and channelled his energies effectively in making the class enjoyable.

Then again the lazy bug hit with the momentum of a fatboy rolling down a slope, and I let myself Jabbarise in a mire of slime as I chomped my way through helpings of wagyu beef.....until I felt I had to sweat if not I might explode and infest the world with made myself go to the gym in the only slot available on Saturday, which was body vive, with Klevin. Who of course, also expressed shock and horror to see me there. I find Vive quite challenging, but somehow it doesnt give me that adrenalin rush that you get from RPM (Gasp, did i just say that?), or a good Jog. As I was really tight for time, I had no choice but to do a quickie on the treadmill, after vive. Great class though, vive. Love the music. That Young Man who was probably not born when most of the vive tracks were written, alluded to Mamma Mia when he played Waterloo. Hmm, as far as I know, that song doesn't appear in the main musical, maybe only in the remix they sing as an encore. Certainly doesn't appear in the movie. These young flers ah, think all Abba songs = Mamma mia.... Roll eyes.