Wednesday, October 22, 2008

She Got 1/6th of the Cherry

Technically, Riyo (Macho Nippon Lady Instructor) popped my cherry for the latest step release, but I couldn't stay on till the end, as was rushing off to inlaws dinner, and it was one of those nights that I knew the jam was going to be diabolic, from all that rain. Sure enough, it wouldn't have made a difference had I stayed on for conditioning and cooldown, as it took me 1½ hrs to get to Kajang ANYWAY.

Fortunately, that meant I had some cherry reserved from Jacq (Gorgeous Woman), who was teaching on Saturday. The sms exchange went (paraphrased):
FBB: Are u teaching step?
GW: Yeah, but no more cherry to pop, since it's already the 3rd week of new release
FBB: What makes you so sure its been popped?
GW: Oh? It hasn't? YAY, Pop pop pop.
FBB: Oh, actually, yalar, pop oridi with Riyo...

Actually, I quite like this new release. Seems to be a rather intensive workout, as I emerged from both classes like I'd just been singing in the rain. The party track makes me dizzy. Oh, anyway, GW was team teaching with Kenny on Saturday. And during one of the squat tracks, she announced, Kenny will now chisel your butt. Ho hum.

However, since I didn't finish MNLI's class, technically, it was GW who brought me to the "end" with the new release, as my first time doing the conditioning and cooldown was with her.

MNLI's class was also great. I love her ripitahs...

As predicted, Pump cherry was somewhat popped by Kento, aka FPI. Lionheart hates the new release with a vengeance, but so whats new! Hahaa. The man is averse to new releases anyway, and it would require something extraordinary to pique his interest. Also, I think 3 weeks of new release, the same thing over and over and over again....hmmmm.......

Speaking of that, yesterday Dom called me to ask why FCI isn't teaching he in the States again for holiday? Well, I am sure most people know by now the real reason. Sadly, I haven't much other choice....the other combat classes I could plausibly go for are all at the wrong times....No 1 in Tianjin's class on Sunday is roughly the time when the offering bag is passed around in my church....Jason's Curve class is a bit late, and far.... Wai Hoong doesn't teach anymore... BRING BACK THE LEGENDS, like Ray, Ben Sim, WH.... I say.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Giving him my Combat 37 Cherry...

Because he loves me so much, I KNEW I would get an sms that looked like this.

Truth of the matter, I WAS intending to make it to the mini launch (launches in Manulife are not as glam as in the other centres, I feel) and even made plans to leave work early to get my baking orders out of the way.

I don't understand WHY they have to change the TIMING of classes, esp on a weekday, for a launch. Afterall, for all intents and purposes, it is a normal class, so why the need to shift the timing. As a result, I got another sms at 5.24 saying,
"The cake is taking longer than it should huh?"

I was gonna reply, Sigh, ye of little faith, as I was actually about to leave. I was thinking, the class is at 5.40 pm ma, plenty of time. To my dismay, as I walked in at 5.35pm, and looked up, I saw that tall girl doing some muay thai knees, and thought to myself, Hmmm, that CAN'T be body pump . (the class preceding combat on Wed is pump)

Anyway, I quickly hastened my steps and entered the class, (which wasn't very full, and by the looks of it, a few others were also caught unaware of the timing change), .... and I have to say that Shades looked genuinely pleased to see me. AWWW, how sweet.

So yeah, Jakarta Jan was already midway into track 2... without a warm up etc, I was completely disoriented and took a while to get into the swing of things. The new release seems rather intense, very quick and continuous movements. The back kicks weren't in track 6, but track 4 I think. That conditioning track that reminded me of Tatu (Not Gonna Get Us) seemed to have made its way into Track 6, with lots of squats and lunges. Hmmm, I wonder how does one Squat away your oppenents.... maybe it's, hangon, I gotta take a crap...on a squat loo.

Muay Thai track I think has 64 knees on each side. But apart from that, it wasn't too bad.

Overall not a bad release. Quite interesting. There's a movement which Sunshine likes apparently, where you open your legs and kick...(actually you move your knee in circular motion to block, and then kick)...I told her, yeah, sounds like something women would like legs then kick...

I like the cooldown song. Shades likens cooldowns to dessert after an 8 course meal. This is not a bad dessert.

Well, I enjoyed the class. Both Jakarta Jan and Shades make a great team, lots of energy, even with the limited numbers.

Haven't been doing much else in the gym. Been pumping with FPI, (the new one), been missing combat, (eve of Raya, had a dinner, and this Tuesday, FCI wasn't teaching).