Friday, May 30, 2008

Something New For A Change

Since I haven't done pump for a couple of weeks, the sagging fats were crying out for some weights to be lifted. Which is odd, because I always thought I hated pump. I do, but I guess it's kinda like eating oatbran. You know its good for you, and you feel guilty if you don't do it. So I perused the timetable, (there's no skip function anymore, so I am forced to look at that awww sooo sweet portrait of bernsy and shanti the FF homepage), and recalled my co-combatter, the English Indian fler recommending Jason K's back to back Pumbat at the Curve. At 5.10, I was wondering if I should just go for Kenny's body step at Manulife but I really needed to pump something.

So, of I went. Wow, talk about personal.... the fler came up to me, as if he knew I was there for the first time, with a personal welcome. Engdian was there, and was surprised to see me, and chuffed that I had followed his recommendation. Anyway, I quite stupidly plonked my step board a bit too in front, and virtually had to turn my neck 90degrees to the right to see the instructor on stage. I discovered something about myself. I need to be perpendicular to the walls. Ie, I can't face the instructor at an angle. Either, I face the front, OR, I face the side. I can't face the corner.

The pink boards denote other boards. The green is mine. Orange is how I tried to stand so I could see the instructor. I can't. I just can't. I think I need therapy. So I ended up perpendicular to the rest of the class. Wasn't a bad class. Jason, (let's just call him the Golden Fleece, while we're onto nicknames) reminds me of my ex girlfriend. Are those dark rings around his eyes or mascara? Quite bizarre really.

Not bad, he managed to squeeze in 9 tracks for the 45 minute class. I coulda SWORN I heard him say triceps, and almost lay down on the board, when he was still upright doing biceps. Oh well.

Pump was followed by Combat. My, it was like a REUNION. All the faces I haven't seen in awhile, Shanti Combat, Bernsy, Certifiable Steve, (who oddly enough, Golden Fleece refers to as Stevie Wonder, the first moniker I bestowed upon Steve, until Lion and Yhsmom objected to such a glam nic), were all there. I think I actually knew more people there than in Manulife. New combat buddy also made an appearance, which is apparently rare. And at the end of it, bumped into LION and LIONNESS!!! What a bonus!

Combat was enjoyable. Not very crowded, and Steve reprised his role as loud speaker. He was providing a "shout on demand" service, ....everytime Golden Fleece shouted, STEVIE WONDER, he starts shouting.

Anyway, it's rare to find a good pumbat combo. So this might be a viable alternative. Now that I no longer get to go to the Curve on Saturdays, as Leon has given up his combat.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get Well Nikki

It was quite a shock to receive an sms from yhsmom telling me that fellow RPM-er and Pumper, Nikki, aka Newman, collapsed, had a brain haemorrhage and is now in coma. He only just tied the knot last year, and I reckon is in his early 30s max. Although I only know him on a "hallo" basis, (he probably doesnt even know my name), it's very disconcerting to know that such things happen even to RPM-ers. We wish you a speedy recovery Nik.

Gym, what can I say about it. Ah, yes, it was wonderful to once again be in FSI's class, on Wesak Day morning. I now remember why he holds that title. Barely into track 3 and there were squats galore already. Fearsome Squat Instructor for sure. I can't remember that far back, but I do recall it was a great class. All the old faces were there, Lion, Lionness, .....a great way to start a Monday which was a public holiday.

Tuesday was Combat as usual. I don't remember much of the class, must have been good as usual, but I do remember making a new friend. It's nice to meet friendly people in class. Some people, (and I partially blame myself), I've seen in the class for years, but have never even progressed beyond a cursory smile, let alone hello. The tall girl, the other tall girl, ...the list goes on. Guy with the short shorts seems to be getting more at home in the class, and is actually quite sporting. I remember the cooldown as being exceedingly foreign, or very rarely ever done.

Friday, She Who Popped My Cherry's step class. She said, "I've got a bad knee, so if I look like I'm not doing it right, please excuse me. But I'll do my best to fake it, I'm very good at that". Hmmmm......but yeah, I honestly could not tell she was having an injury. Obviously I am not an expert at spotting fakes, being the innocent naive person that I am. Again, I emerged from the class with bra a whole cup size larger, as I was the rose amongst the thorns, and the estrogen that filled the room was enough to make Subang Runway become Mt Kinabalu. I can't fathom why there are no jantans in that class. Afterall, SWPMC is not crooked....oh, maybe she got boyfriend that's why the jantans don't bother la. Whereas, in SHARP contrast, the class after that, Richelle's pump, whoo hooo, Testosterone Town man. Wonder if ...........

Was away for the rest of the week at church retreat, and returned on Tuesday afternoon, so managed to get my tired butt to Combat. English Indian gentleman was there. (Engdian? Or Inglish?). But class seemed emptier than usual. Since the disappearance of Certifiable Steve, the class seems a bit quieter too. Fortunately Janvier Solat was there, with his duracell batteries, to add some oomph to the class. Wonder why the class is shrinking? Are we heading for a nova?

Great class anyway. Apparently there was an aspiring instructor in the house as well. Well, if Rhythm is a Dancer, then he aint no Fred Aistaire I can say that much.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Remember Vic Morrow? Ah, Combat. I recall talking about this years ago. I even managed to download that distinctive Combat theme from the net. These days, Combat automatically means Body Combat. That Les Mills program that is so pervasive, it becomes so subsconsciously a part of your schedule, that one feels like one has forgotten one's antibiotics if one doesn't go for the class.

Especially FCI's class. Who can miss it! It was a very muhibbah arrangement yesterday. Aligned in front of me was an Indian, (though FCI said he from England one), and behind me a Malay chap. Ah, beautiful country that we live in. Lots of familiar faces, and to my relief, Loudspeaker was also there, Janvier. Haven't seen Certifiable Steve in awhile. Apparently the tall girl who has been attending the class since time immemorial is moving to Hong Kong. We are in a season of flux. Changes everywhere.

English Indian was telling me that he also likes to attend Jason's class. I've only attended Jason's combat once. But I dont see his name anywhere on the schedule. Anyone care to point out where he is? I remember I liked his style...reminded me a lot of FCI.

FCI's class was fun as usual. Not as loud as usual, but thankfully, with the help of Janvier, he managed to get some sounds going. Guy with the funny shorts, (actually they look normal to me, its only FCI who seems to comment about them), seems to be getting more familiar in class, and makes some hilarious remarks sometimes. I don't really like that Sting song cooldown, but of course, when FCI does it, its SOOOO NICE.

Monday was pump with Jap Porn Star. He was sick, so carried weights like a girl. As in normal girls. (Not those that go, "OH REEECH, save me a bike beside yours"). Lionheart was pooh poohing the boy's 3.5kg for biceps.

Monday, May 12, 2008

The IPOD Shuffle

Twas with a heavy heart that I received an sms from IPOD (International Prince Of Divas) informing me that he will no longer be teaching combat wef from June. Awww. I suggested that IPOD dedicate his last class to FCI, since FCI always welcomes him with such opening arms in his classes, and play songs dedicated to IPOD, such as IF I WERE YOU, WHEN YOU CALL MY NAME...etc etc. Its so heartwarming to see instructors form such a camaraderic bond.

So, since his days at that slot are numbered, I made a special effort to attend the class at the curve on Saturday. I noticed that since they increased parking to RM3, the parking at Curve is VERY much easier these days. IPOD appeared very flustered, as he was under a lot of work pressure. The class wasn't very full, so there was lots of space to move about, but I wasn't counting on moving around that much. Heck, it turns out, he lived up to his name of IPOD SHUFFLE. I think EVERY track had shuffling. There was more shuffling that hour than during an entire Chinese New Year gambling season at a chinaman's house. As a result, it was a damn tiring class. And with so much space to move around as well. Another portly gentleman next to me was literally wheezing after one track. Sigh, I have come to rather enjoy the Saturday routine, afterall, it is the only time I utilise my passport. Driving to the Curve, all that ME time, walking around the flea market, buying Cameron Highland's strawberries, and occasionally treating myself to a 1901 hot dog after combat....undoing immediately all the calories burnt. So, with IPOD no longer teaching there, it begs the question. SHOULD I GIVE UP MY PASSPORT MEMBERSHIP? Afterall, I hardly go to any of the other clubs. I would dearly like to attend No1 in Tianjin's combat, but his hours clash with mine the way vinegar reacts with baking soda. Let's see, 147.50 (unless they've revised it) for home, vs 175 for passport, a saving of 27.50 per month, translating to RM330 per year. Minus the hefty admin charge that they impose for a downgrade, RM90 I think, that's RM240 a year saved. Wow, I didn't know I was paying THAT much for IPOD shuffle. He chose a really tough push up track, the one with lots of slows, then 16 singles, 2 sets of....that's nearly 50 pushups. Wonder how many instructors, apart from FCI can actually finish that on their knees.

Last Thursday, I went for Kenny's body step. He snidely remarked, this is not combat you know. Duhh, I think I sometimes do more step than combat. Anyway, I love his body step class. He has the gracefulness of a long neck swan.....I can imagine him in tights doing ballet. Is that perverse? I just mean, he has that kind of build. The male ballerina. Imagine him lifting FSI. Anyway, his cueing is just perfect. He has some strange analogies, like...argh, slips my mind now.... It was a great class. Must make it a regular...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Should I Even Bother To Continue......

If this blog were a person, it would be on life support by now, just waiting for the plug to be pulled. This old fart of a blog however, has outlived the youth of today, such as Tabula rasa, Somewhere over the rainbow, where the words LAST POST are an appropriate errr....melody. (OH NO, I just re-read my posts from two posts ago, and it started off with exactly the same line).

Lets see, since my previous post, I've been to SWPMC (she who popped my cherry)'s class, on Friday 25th, JPS's class (Jap Porn Star) on 28th, FCI's on 29th, JPS's again on 5th, and FCI's on 6th. In that time, I've hosted a dinner for the usual suspects, comprising Lionheart & Lionness, Yhsmom, Megs, Sunshine, Leon, FCI, ex FPI & gf, FSI, GW, Jakarta Jan, PFPI (probationary FPI). Actually, I was going to redistribute the titles, because I hardly get to go FSI's class anymore, and She Who Popped My Cherry was my first Step Lurve, so if there was gonna be a new FSI, it could well be her, BUT, FSI objected vehemently, saying titles given cant be retracted. Got such thing ah? What about ex FPI and ex FCI then?

Anyway, I don't know HOW Lionheart can keep up with his les mills classes with the regularity of the big ben's chimes. I suddenly find myself yearning more for the wild outdoors, to breathe in the fresh polluted outside air, to hear the sound of wildlife juxtaposed against the sound of blaring traffic.

Nevertheless, I use Body Pump as my defacto weights training in the overall exercise regime, since the only thing worse than machines are ...nah, I can't think of anything worse. But Pump is actually semi cardio aint it. I always approach Pump with dread, but get away from the class feeling quite happy to have been able to finish it. This recent class, I was suffering from a nagging lower back pain, a recurring thing, that my masseur attributes to "angin". Not the tou fong kind of angin.

Apart from squats I didnt really bother decreasing my weights, despite the lower back thing. Lion was carrying 20kg on each side, and Malik aka Atlas, was tailing behind at 15kg. There's one elderly gentleman in the class, and I was thinking, wow, I hope I am that fit when I am that age. Speaking of fit and aging, I had to bid a premature farewell to a friend last wednesday, which was a bummer. Considering he is quite the fitness freak, into yoga, RPM, Body Attack etc, (used to be in FF, then he moved to TF), its quite disconcerting that he died of what was ostensibly a sudden heart attack.

JPS's biceps track was Carwash, a real killer. I was surprised the muscly guy in front of me carried less weights than me for biceps. Afterall, 5kg seems to be almost the minimum for guys, no matter how wimpy, and this fella didnt seem wimpy at all. Well, he carried 4½ kg.

Last night's combat was surprisingly not as full as usual. The regular loudspeakers, Janvier, Certifiable Stevie, were noticeably absent. There was a newbie, which FCI very kindly showered extra attention to show the ropes. Which made me think back, who was my first combat instructor? I think it was Mr Cool, Ben Sim, but I can't be entirely sure. Well, he's the first one that I remember I guess, so that's what counts. Anyway, the newbie was lucky that FCI paid so much attention to him.

The class ended with my favourite ....well, one of two favourites, cooldown, I BELIEVE. Bravo.