Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Absence Makes The Heart Grow .........Weaker

I haven't been for Tuesday combat in ages. What with Chinese New Year, and constant disruptions, laziness, rainy weather, it became easier and easier to find excuses to skip this class which was once etched in stone in my gym schedule.

So, it was very nice to finally drag myself out the quagmire and attend. (This was LAST Tuesday, before the launches). Nothing much had changed, still the same old faces. I dunno if it is my imagination, but Certifiable Steve doesn't seem to be as energetic as before, in the shouting department. Taking over the battle cry was Janvier, who was screaming like a Duracell Bunny being abused by an Energizer Rabbit. However, they did add to the spirit of the class. The tuesday combat class is always very energetic anyway. Being absent from combat for a few weeks (not only Tuesday) does make the heart go weaker.

I was looking forward to Iron Lady's Pump on Wednesday, but to my disappointment, she was replaced by someone else. Some gentleman in the class, who had skipped class for a few weeks, looked like he was about to collapse after the lunge track, ..... Anyway, let's see, how many tracks did we do? One, Two, Twee, ..... oh, skipped Triceps and Biceps as he stuck to a 45 minute regime.

And that was it until Sunday, when I went for 2nd FSI's step class. He forgot his ipod, but luckily, had a CD on him. Getting quite crowded for a Sunday afternoon. Don't these people need to nap? It's a struggle and a half for me to get there.

Monday pump with YI, after having missed it for 2 weeks. Lionheart and Atlas, the two hardcores, were in the house, making our mere mortal weights look like feathers. Just looking at Lion's weights makes me dizzy.

Tuesday combat again, ah, we've come full circle for a week. Exceedingly enjoyable, I felt. Like a reunion of sorts, Lionheart, Ahgirl and Megan were there, only missing Yhsmom and Sunshine. Fantastic energy levels, the battle cry this time mostly led by Steve. Apparently there are a lot of performance moves, which FCI omitted, hence, we felt quite cheated. For all his normal showmanship, I can't understand how come he's so shy when it comes to all these groovy moves. Getting him to shimmy is like getting a horse to do yoga. Absence of side performances aside, it was great class, and I have to say I quite like the new releases. Step has great music (except for the 360C stomp/jump around the board, which CANT POSSIBLY be good for the knees) , Pump is not bad at all, and Combat...very enjoyable.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Has Anyone Seen The Lion?

Well, I guess I completely forgot to blog about gym for the last two weeks because there was no Lion in the house. Until yhsmom asked why I've been so quiet, I actually FORGOT I have this blog.

The last post was for IFKAS's class two wednesdays ago. The following thursday, I vaguely remember going for Bryan's body step, which was his last in Manulife for that slot. Which I felt was quite a pity, coz I was getting accustomed to his face. But his replacement's worthy enough, the OTHER diva, Kenny.

Did outside exercises on Saturday, since it was the quarterlies, and the usual classes and instructors were not teaching. Got caught in a torrential storm in bukit kiara, and umbrella wasn't much help. Sunday, went for 2nd FSI's step class, after realising how much I missed his classes when he taught in Curve the previous week. His classes are always very energetic, and for a Sunday afternoon, packed!!!

Then it was YI's pump as usual on Monday. Poor boy was sporting a fever, so lucky for him Lion was not around, or he'd have gotten grief for his 7kg aside squats. I think we only did 9 tracks....if I remember correctly. Hmmm, its a misty memory. Ah, Wedneday, Pump with Iron Woman (incidentally Margaret Thatcher has been hospitalised, wonder how she is), was great. She was being assessed by Sue Prosser, so thankfully, she stuck to the 45 minute class program. Ya ya, I know we should be happy when they stuff all the 10 tracks into that space, but sometimes, it's like a nice unexpected public holiday (eg, a PM kicks the bucket or Sultan) when they say, okay, we have to skip a track. Horny was participating as a member. Again, Lion's presence was sorely missed, as I am sure he'd have loved those tracks.

Thursday, Kenny's body step. What can I say? He's the perfect step instructor... can't fault him in any way. Somehow his graceful movements reminds me of Swan Lake....or some ballet or other. Saturday was Leon's class as usual in Curve....very tiring class that one. A lot of shuffling here and there, more shuffling that the genting casino.

Ah, that about brings us up to date. HAve been since enveloped by a tsunami of laziness.....