Monday, December 17, 2007

Keep The Wrist Soft But Firm

Gasp, my last entry was 5th December. Which means, my last class was FSI's body step, (since I couldn't get into Horny's RPM), on the 5th of Dec. A 10 day hiatus, so no wonder I was huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf. The jam in front of the Curve/Ikano area looked mighty scary, and a faint hearted person might have fled the scene.

Anyway, the stars must have been shining, as I managed to get a carpark the minute I got into the Curve parking lot. Bumped into Leon outside the studio, he was chatting with Serena from Singapore. Again, my theory about instructor names seems to hold water. If your name is Alvin, Kelvin/Calvin, Ken, Ben, have a good chance of becoming an instructor.

First time doing the new release. Leon's class seems to have shrunk, maybe because it's December, and there were hardly ANY familiar faces there but for Sunshine. The first 3 tracks were pretty erm, how should I put it tactfully, .....put it this way, Nat King Cole won't be singing "Unforgettable" any time soon. Track 4, although simple in choreo, was exhausting... was dripping in sweat after that track. Quite like the muay thai. It was at track 8 I think where Leon said, "keep your wrist soft but firm".... and then covered his mouth ....which only drew more attention to the innuendos of that remark.

Apparently one member misheard the lyrics of one of the tracks, that says Put your hand in my hand and I'll show you the way, as "put your hand in my pants and I'll show you the way". Mind you, I much prefer the lyrics of the latter.

Pushups, yikes, tough tough.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Pumba = Pump + incomplete Combat.

After a week hiatus from the gym, mainly because of a combo of partying, sick, etc, it was with GREAT difficulty that I had to drag myself to FSI's pump. I was kinda heartened when he declared that he also just returned from a 2 week break from pump. He gleefully declared the squat track to be STILL FEARSOME. Dread!!!!

It was his trademark Voodoo child. I wondered if there was a particular theme of songs for the day's selection....but FSI said he's been playing the same songs for the last 4 weeks. For biceps, he wondered aloud if he should carry 3½ kg, but I remarked he cant, because the defacto GXM, ie, Lionheart was watching from outside. I wonder if the weights are all properly calibrated, coz my 5 kg felt a lot heavier.

By the time it was lunges, I thought my legs were going to give way.

Then it was combat. The class seemed empty at first, but by the end of track 1, it seemed packed, and also seemed rather energetic, since the dynamo cheerleader, Certifiable Steve was in the house. At some point, apparently a hitherto unknown commentor on the blog also joined the class. Anyway, had to leave after track 4 ..... hence the incompleteness.