Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Haven't Seen Him Since Before CNY

Finally, I managed to get a free Tuesday to attend FCI's class. FSI who saw me at the entrance, expressed utter shock that I haven't seen FCI for that long. Of course, he noted that I somehow made it a point to be at the Curve every Saturday. Well, ...I dunno what he meant, but if he was implying that I was partial to FDI's combat class over FCI's...err... no la, just timing off. In fact, plus last saturday, I will be missing from the Curve for 3 consecutive Saturdays, as I'm off for Qing Ming this Sat, and Kampar next Sat.

FCI was a bit late. After a long long time no see, finally saw Megs... I think I havent seen her since Christmas. Actually, it feel like I haven't been to the class for a long time. Usually, if you miss a couple of weeks, it doesn't feel like a long time, but this time, it did. Lots of new unfamiliar faces, so it was quite nice to see the usual faces, such as ex Combat Instructor, (Sop Fan), Certifiable Steve, Megs, Lady Nina, and the tall girl who always stands in front, and the other girl who always acknowledges me, and vice versa, but I dunno her name.

It being 3 weeks since the launch, FCI did old tracks, which is a pity, coz this meant I didnt get to try the new release with him. That's a first, since he started re-teaching in MJH. (ie, early last year). But the old tracks were great, including my favourite track 4, the Rock me Amadeus, and track 6...dunno what its called, but it mentions Joe DiMaggio. (I think from 2 releases ago). And the We Will Rock You muay thai. The young people of today don't seem to shout as much. The class was rather quiet, despite the numbers. He did his trademark TATU No gonna get us for conditioning, which must be one of the longest conditioning tracks ever.

Yesterday, I went for RPM. It was a choice between Jogging in lake gardens, (but it was SOOOOO HOT), body step (but that class is sooo packed), and RPM (which I hate). FDI told me to take the least of all the evils, ie RPM. Dunno how he concluded that. Anyway, yesterday's RPM class was okay. Of all classes to forget to bring a hand towel, RPM has to be the worst. Rivulets of sweat flowing down to the handle bars.... pah, disgusting. Some people cycle with their heads facing down. Now in real life, this would inevitably have resulted in some serious crash. I reckon RPM studios should have a score board of sorts, to show the tension level or effort level of each biker. I'm dying to know whether some people actually turn the resistance up at all, for they seem to be able to fly like the wind when climbing a hill.... duhh...

Congratulations to YHSMOM on passing her mat pilates exam.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Malaysian Taxis

Poor YI, had to rely on Malaysian public transport, resulting in him being late for class. Regular Rache and hubby kindly set up board and bar for him, but plonked on 50% more for his warm up weight, which he eventually removed. Special appearance by Lionheart as well, for these days he's exiled to Axis on Mondays, coz Mrs Lionheart's personal trainer has moved there. For a 4.45pm class, its prettty crowded.

Mainly still the new tracks, much to Lionheart's chagrin. He keeps insisting that he can fall asleep during chest track, but I personally find it quite tough. It's never a good thing when they say, "oh, no push ups for chest, so load it up"....duhhh....I am amazed that Lionheart uses FIFTEEN KILOS for his chest track...that's double what I carry, and I'm already half dying. He must have a chest of steel. What a lucky woman you are, Mrs Lionheart!!!

Because he was late, we had to sacrifice one track, (but actually its a 45 minute class, so anything more than 8 tracks is a bonus), and it was unanimously decided that we'll have lunge to go. Pretty good class, sweated like mad. I know I should do some cardio after the pump, but Mondays are always such a mad rush, and I usually have to leave the gym immediately. Oh well, I have BODY COMBAT to look forward to tonight. I haven't seen FCI since before Chinese New Year!!!! Wow.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Body Attack After 1 Year

Because Favourite Diva Instructor wasn't teaching his usual combat slot at the Curve on Saturday, I started scouring the time tables for an alternative class to attend. My eyes rested on the yellow/orange icon that represents Body Attack, and like a moth to a flame, I felt wildly attracted to attend a Body Attack class. I can't remember the last time I went for one, so I suspect it must have been a year ago. I think it was at SPK, at a launch, when FSI was team teaching with a few others. Anyway, on the schedule it showed Renee/Teoh, which is a good combo for attack.

I expected the parking at Curve to be the usual madness, but surprisingly, at 1.30pm, it was quite easy to park. Turned out that Kenny was teaching instead, and was being assessed by Kylie..Anyway, Kenny of course is a great instructor and has that male ballerina/figure skater build that makes him look very graceful in executing Body Attack. The class was energy packed, although by the end of track 2 I coulda sworn I was seeing a bright light.... and I was moving towards it. By end of track 3, I could feel my legs giving way, and the butt feeling really painful. And those pushups!!!! Goodness me, does ANYONE actually finish them on their toes??? Scary mary!!!

The poor chap, at track 9, suddenly looked as if he had lost the use of his limbs, due to a gastric attack, and looked like he was in acute pain. Anyway, in true diva fashion, the show must go on, and he continued the rest of the class with impeccable cue-ing and he did try as far as possible to do whatever he could. Kudos, for a great class.

Suffice to say, I could barely walk after that class, and on Sunday as well.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

RPM Release # Whatever

Ah, my life is complete. I have finally attended the new releases of all the classes that I usually attend, ie, Pump, Combat, Step and RPM. And yup, some of the songs for RPM are definitely from my era. Coulda sworn I heard Boney M, but when I'm suffering in RPM, I often dont really pay attention to what music is being played. I try to astral travel during RPM, by thinking happy thoughts....floating into other dimensions where life is easy on the knees and butt.

Herny expressed mock surprise to see me there, and muttered something about being in RPM instead of Step coz FSI not teaching yesterday. Oddly enough, 3 consecutive classes in MJH, from pump, combat and step all had replacements. I contemplated going for Sidekick's replacement combat, but at the last minute, couldn't get there on time. Peering from the glass window outside, I could see that Sidekick was extremely charged and energetic. Ah, nice to be young.

RPM seems to attract a more diverse age group, from very young, to rather old. Mr & Mrs Lionheart were there....err, no I am not implying they are the "rather old"...of course, being around the same vintage with Lion, I'd say we were the Prime group. Ahem. Not too young, not too old.

There was one track, can't remember which, which seemed mercilessly slightly shorter than usual. Thankfully. I always find track 2 probably mentally the toughest, coz it's like the beginning of a long long road..... by middle of track 4, you know, phew, we're halfway..... although of course it doesnt get any easier. Has anyone done a study on thumping rhythms? What is it about thumping rhythms that appeal so much to mankind??? That even babies can gyrate to those strong beats???

I still hate RPM.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

BHP Orange Run

Hey guys, exFCI brought to my attention this interesting run, to be held on 15th April, at the Curve. (not FF Curve, but outdoors). It's only 9km and I'm really keen, but not keen to run alone. Any takers? Lionheart? How about it? We are in our own category wor, 40 and above. Who knows, maybe only 10 contestants in that category, so we can all win prizes. Also, I don't want to run alone, in case I collapse and get stampeded upon by thousands of strangers, with no one to identify my remains after. Choi choi tai kar lai see.

Anyway, for more information, click here. Twill be fun. I am starting ahem, my "training" today. As in running in lake gardens la.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Body Pump Sixty One

Okay, not as bad as I expected. The good thing about reading bad reviews is, your bar of expectation is brought so low, down to your nipple loin, .....much like movies, or anything else in life, when you have NO expectations, and then, its never quite as bad.

Again, the clocks in MJH were on different time zones. I huffed and puffed to get changed ontime, (as the outside clocks showed 4.43pm), rushed into the studio, (which was incidentally VERY packed...don't people have to work) only to see that the studio clock showed 4.35pm, and YI was yabbering on about starting a bit early, and killing time with the usual safety demonstrations (like airlines. By the way, I watched a documentary about this aircrash thing, and you should NEVER inflate your lifejacket while still in the plane. This plane landed in the sea, and those fellas who had inflated their lifejackets in the plane were pinned to the ceiling as the water came in, and couldnt swim out)

Where was I? Oh, yes. Body pump 61. Well, I didnt find it particularly easy, maybe coz of the 2 week hiatus, but it wasn't a killer either la. Biceps was surprisingly easier than expected. Triceps, with very little bar work, was also easier, and I'm glad I upped the weight slightly. Chest...hmmm, whenever they say, "No push ups" like its meant to be a consolation, I have my serious doubts. No push ups just means longer time with the bar, and I find that more painful. Clean and press, well, not easy, but not the hardest either. Anything with that SEVEN thingie can never really labelled as easy.

Lunges.....I was quite perplexed when we were asked to remove the base of the step board. I later on found out that it makes the board even lower, and hence the lunges even harder. Those athletic lunges are something new, but okay to do. It's them lunges on the board that I hate. I know realise the importance of knowing when/where the finishing line is. Where was it that I heard the story of this channel swimmer, who coz of foggy weather, gave up the swim only to realise she was 1km from the shore...yar, so my point being, with the new release, I didn't know when those darn lunges were gonna end, so I gave up on the first foot, JUST before it ended. (actually, it went onto bottom halves).

(an excerpt from the poem, DON'T QUIT)

Often the goal is nearer than
It seems to a faint and faltering man,
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victor's cup.
And he learned too late, when the night slipped down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

For the 2nd foot, (the other side), knowing what to expect, I managed to complete the set.

Ooh, finally a shoulder track with no upright rows. This elbow of mine is still killing me.

Not bad, have sustained three consecutive days of going to gym. Oh, I got an sms from exFCI today asking me to join the 9km run at the Curve on 15th April. Anyone care to join me?

OHHHH, yes yes, I meant to blog about this. Forgot to take a picture, (probably not allowed to), they have these new RED treadmills in FF Curve. They look like Airasia treadmills. Wonder what the tag line is? NOW EVERYONE CAN RUN (NOWHERE).

Monday, March 19, 2007

Combat 31 Round Two

Since Chinese New Year....or rather, since Christmas, entire exercise schedules have been thrown into disarray, and diets have been crushed and crumbled like a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. And just when Chinese New Year was over, come the mid semester school breaks, which meant bringing the kids on holiday, which meant, eating. I mean, what are holidays without mindless consumption of junk food, buffet breakfasts, and what have you.

Anyway, it must have been something in the air, pollen, or a lazy haze, that rendered me completely and utterly immobile on saturday afternoon. I got an sms from FDI saying that he was feeling lazy as well. But I thought, if I dont get my fat a** over to the Curve this Saturday, I might as kiss any hope of getting back into a routine goodbye. Afterall, if FDI fails to lure, ......well, there's not much hope left. (coz this Tuesday, is my dad's birthday so I can't even go for FCI's class. Speaking of which, I haven't seen FCI since before CNY!!! What a record!). Coz of sms from FDI warning me that Curve carpark was full, I decided after prying myself out of the massage chair with a crowbar, that I'd go early. As luck would have it, I got a carpark within a minute of entering, so I was left with time to spare. On top of that, Combat now starts at 4.50, instead of 4.35, coz Balance has been moved to the new Mind and Body studio. "Mind and Body"...harumph, doesnt get any more new age than that. Ooh that means, I now have a valid excuse in perpetuity not to be able to attend Boy Robin's Body Balance class (which used to be after combat), coz it now starts at 5.30pm, overlapping with Combat. Oh dear, there goes my chance.

Warmed up on the step machines, dunno how accurate the calorie counters are, but managed to burn 100 cals in that short time, according to that thing. Actually, if those counters are accurate, then it is better to walk uphill (on a treadmill) on maximum incline, at 6km/h, than jog on a flat at 10km/h.

Back to combat. Diva was in his elements, hardly any noticeable errors. Some cheesy remarks that probably made me roll eyes. A really hilarious stance at the end of track 2 that made me chuckle. (or was it track 1). I have to say, it's true, the new release doesnt seem so bad the 2nd time round. In fact, I quite like tracks 4, 6 and 8. Love the song from 4. Can't remember what it's called now. Sunshine has been missing for two weeks now. Sunshine where oh where art thou?!!! FDI needs your rays to give him a tan. The other regular (whom I am acquainted with la) who was missing was the Lafarge fella.

I have visions of me falling on my knee and cracking me knee cap while doing that evasive sidekick thing, so I decided I better not risk it. I notice there are quite a lot of uncles and aunties in FDI's class, so I don't feel so out of place. FDI demonstrated the evasive sidekick and jumping kick with the litheness of a teenager....though it was only twice, once for each side...
He also loudly announced "I'll join you on your toes" for pushups.

There was a water problem, either a shortage, or pressure issue, so after the class, the showers and water coolers were reduced to a trickle, like a slow...... err never mind. This is where ahem, my "military training" came in useful. The ability to take a complete shower with a trickle of water. And I don't mean some buffalo kinda bath, this was a complete clean shower, even with hair wash.

On Sunday, the same malaise struck, but again, swallowing my anti gravity pill, I made my way for Body Step with 2nd FSI, in MJH. I have to say, MJH although is an old gym, has wonderful water pressure all the time.

I hadn't really formed much of an opinion of the new step release but was probably biased by Lionheart's remarks, and was expecting the worst, though I had attended the launch. Okayla, it's not that bad, apart from the Cha Cha in speed tracks. Any dance steps that require the slightest shaking of your bootie, or any other gyration, gives me the creeps, hence my aversion to that track, but otherwise, it's okay I find. I like the way track 2 merges into track 3 without me knowing, (I mean, the turn steps are a give away), but at the end of track 3, its nice to know, oh, finished track 3 oridi!!!! (coz it feels like one long track, 2+3).

Those triceps pushups on the board are tough. Quite like the cooldown. Meant to go walk kiara hills in the evening with the kids, but ended up in lake gardens only. Still, must have walked about 2km or so....have to force these kids to exercise....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Body Combat 31

Breaking tradition, I couldn't fit in FCI's class at all this period, and usually my first time with a new release is usually with him. Such loyalty huh. Anyway, this time, it was with FDI, and Sidekick, (now that Sidekick is a full fledge instructor, might have to think up another name) in the Curve on Saturday.

FDI was very brave to don on a really figure hugging t-shirt. And I mean VERY figure hugging, sort of like skin on skin kinda thing. Like wearing a condom. Fortunately for him, he has the vertical advantage to mask any wobble, and the shirt was black, so some optical illusions there.

To cut a long story short, I don't like this release at all. Apart from track 4, which has that interesting evasive sidekick, jinga and jump kick combo, it was largely forgettable. The music was unevocative, the movements nothing to shout about, though it was a fairly good workout. FDI executed his evasive sidekick with the aplomb of a martial artist....I was quite impressed, considering his age.

The conditioning push ups were quite tough, anything that has those rotating pushups I'd find tough. But apart from that, it was forgettable as well, and the cool down..... bleagh....

And I just heard from yhsmom this morning that the new pump release is nothing to shout about either. Oh dear, the next couple of weeks are gonna be rather dreary then. Luckily I am off to Pangkor tomorrow, till Friday.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

He Left Me To Die...Alone...

Choi choi choi, I know its not good to use the word die, you know us Chinese, very pantang about such things. So I have to clarify that it is used figuratively. And it's not a scene from Combat (the tv series), or Platoon, or any war movie.

I am referring to RPM yesterday. I expected Lionheart to be there, my fellow in arms, my rakan seperjuangan....but alas, save for Horny, there were no other familiar faces. One of the appeal of class is knowing your fellow classmates are suffering too. Misery loves company. It's even more appealing when you know your fellow classmates, and there's a kind of camaraderie. In the darkness of the RPM studio, I felt all alone, in my pain and torture.

I haven't done RPM for goodness knows how long. One thing that always amazes me about RPM is the efficacy of the cooldown. All that "get rid of the toxins and lactic acid" stuff actually works. Coz while during the class, every muscle, fat, sinew and bone seems to hurt, after doing the cooldown, it miraculously disappears and one is able to walk out of the studio without looking like a cripple. I am of course speaking from the perspective of an irregular RPM-er. Though I can conceive how it can possibly get easier. It's like body pump, it never gets easier. I find it's best to day dream during RPM, it makes the passage of time so much faster. Now, what was I day dreaming about yesterday? Probably nothing, because it seemed to last forever.

Well, there's no point doing an indepth analysis of the tracks, torture is torture, and we all know the sequence. I reckon RPM or cycling cant be very good for ze crotch....having said that, one of my friends, an ex national cyclist, (probably in the early 80s), does have at least 2 kids, so maybe the effect on the crown jewels is exaggerated.

Workout : 1 rpm class (50 minutes)
Food : Breakfast, cereal (post) with low fart milk
Lunch, salad with some roast chicken
Dinner, steam boat, lots of boiled choke (bean curd skin), fish, fishballs, (as in fish paste made into balls, not the anatomy of the fish), sigh, noodles, (how to have no carbo), an egg, .....quite healthy mah, hor. Papaya.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Diva Extraordinaire

Further to the recent ravings about FCI's cleavage and sexy karate outfit, there are some vagues shots of him at choobacca's blog. Not very X rated, alas, for you fans out there who want a peek into the cleavage that Sunshine was raving about.

Yesterday's diet plans were off to a bad start, coz when I alighted the car in the morning, at work, who should I bump into, but FDI, who asked me to join him for breakfast. He had been fasting for his blood test, so had just finished and was ravenous. So I succumbed to my much loved breakfast of two half boiled eggs and toast (with butter, of course). Usually, the coffee shop people give me the tub of butter to spread myself, which is a real test of discipline. Ordinary mortals get served kaya and margarine, but ahem, I get real butter. Of course, it was a pleasure breakfasting with FDI...actually it's the first time we've ever eaten together alone. I've lunched with FCI, exFCI many times oridi.

Just as well FCI wasn't teaching his usual Tuesday slot in MJH, as I couldn't make it because it was MIL's birthday. (mother in law). Another reason that contributed to the destruction of the diet yesterday. So I mosied over to pump instead, expecting Richelle to be at the helm, waiting to kill us all in her Tuesday debut. She takes over from Mr Robot, whom I hear has gone full time to neighbouring gym. Pity, if it wasn't for FCI's combat class on Tuesday, I probably would have attended Mr Robot's classes quite regularly. Can't do back to back classes because of time constraints, and stamina of course. When one doesn't have a heart like a Lion, it's probably not advisable to strain too much. I mean, a regular one hour workout is probably more than your average sedentary fella, but TWO hours, must put you in the top 1% of the nation's fitness fanatics.

Yeah, so FSI announced to me in the changing room that it wasn't Serena teaching, but Tony. I asked, Tony Jam? He said, "no, body pump la". I meant, Tony from Jam. That diva who tandemed with FCI last year in Axis, coaching him how to Jam. There he was, talk about hot pants....makes Nipple Loin's hot pants look like a burqah.... But yeah, he's an old (as in long time) instructor, so he does possess an interesting array and wide repertoire of tracks, and the song selection was really great. When women carrying 15kg each side for squats say the class was tough, it must be tough right. Even Malik, aka Atlas, muttered something at the end saying he didn't expect it to be so tough. His chest track had that tricep type move, where you lower the bar over your head....

Ya, it was a really enjoyable class. Surprised that Lionheart was not there.

Meanwhile, dare I announce that our YHSMOM is a pilates instructor??? Bow bow bow.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Body Step 67

It would never have occured to me to go for the Step launch at Axis, were it not for the fact that 2ndFSI sms-ed me a few days ago, (probably a mass mailer) informing me that he will be doing the launch. Maybe because of the time slot, ie, 6pm, they were worried not enough kaki. So, I was rather pleased to see that Richelle was also teaching, so at least, that killed two birds with one stone.

Yesterday morning, I get an sms from Shades, (aka ex FPI, as he calls himself), asking me if I was going for FCI's launch in MML. Actually, I didn't even know FCI was launching in MML, on Monday night, with Crystal. Shades also suggested I attend his launch in IOI, but alas, air asia doesn't fly there, so that was out of the question.

At around lunchtime, Shades (my source of vital gym info) asked me to reconsider axis, coz the speakers had blown. Later on, 2ndFSI confirmed that speakers had been fixed. Anyway, time wise, it was perfect timing for me to go to Axis from where I was. The launch started at 5.45pm, with 15 minutes intro. Richelle gave a feigned look of SHOCK to see me there at axis. I had to grab my board while still in office garb.

Very unfit. Felt tired during the 10 minute intro and practise steps. Was wondering how the heck I was to last the whole class. I dunno what it is about 2ndFSI and mikes, as far as I can remember, mikes have a 50-50 chance of failing on him, and sure enough, the mike failed yesterday, after track 4. Pore thing. A real test on his vocal chords and visual cueing.

So, release 67. Okay lar, actually, it's quite hard right, coz every release is a permutation of the same moves, rehashed with different choreography. Nothing out of the ordinary, though the selection of music seemed quite nice. Perhaps it's time to check out the free sex class... oops, I mean free step. Richelle took over the next 6 tracks, and Horny managed to get her mike fixed by track 9 or 10. I guess this is why the charisma and appeal of the instructors are still a pull factor, coz over the years, choreo well, plateaus. I have to say I really liked the LAST combat release though.

Now, let me rummage through the timetable to see who's launch I'm going for next.

Weight Loss Attempt:
Exercise : 1 hour body step
Food : Post cereal with low fat milk for breakfast (1 bowl)
Salad with walnuts in vinegar dressing for lunch
Homemade sarawak laksa for dinner, minimal santan. Half a mango. One mandarin.

Ooh, I oridi dropped a kg today, from the height of the CNY bingeing. One good crap is all it takes, so I reckon, the first 3kg should be a breeze.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Wine Before Combat

It was one of those lazy Saturday afternoons, lunch at a nice restaurant, a couple of glasses of wine, great food and company, that makes you want to roll up and nap like a python after....
Once again, I show my unwavering loyalty to FDI, I drag myself, combatting the forces of gravity to have LIFT OFF....

Truth be told, it might not be so much unwavering loyalty la, but more an abject sense of guilt of having done barely any exercise this CNY period. Okay, my goal is to shed 8kgs by 30th April. Anyone out there gonna cheer me on?

Sunshine was there, looking very weather beaten. I started coughing within minutes of talking to her, is it possible for a virus to be so swift and quick that it can be transmitted within minutes, AND manifest itself? Anyway, thanks a lot sunshine, for that!!!! I'm still coughing now.

Sidekick walked in late, I see he's still sporting his bob marley wannabe hairstyle. Must take a lot of shampoo. By the way, I heard Leon Lai has given up all his weekday classes, leaving him only with Saturday combat at the curve. Oh dear, I wonder how his grieving fans are coping with that loss.

Great sweat as usual. Class not as loud as it usually is, but not dead either. He made a boo boo in the muay thai, and gave a conspirational wink. But these divas execute mistakes without batting an eyelid, as if nothing ever happened. Very good. The conditioning was darn tuff, with loads of pushups, plank,.....of course I cant help but wonder at the convenient timing at which he gets up while the rest of us are planking, to give us some vague instruction and explanation.

Dont like that western cowboy song cool down.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Still Not Back to Routine

Managed to make it to pump on Monday. I swear the clocks in Manulife are fast by 5 minutes, coz my clock (astro time) showed 4.40, and they had already started. Not to mention different parts of the gym are different time zone. By the time I got in, it was midway into squats, ....Lionheart was even later, and only got in at the end of the squats. It was a very packed class, for 4.45pm, lots of young people. Must be still on holiday. YI gleefully informed us that the lunge track in the upcoming new release is the hardest lunge of BP so far. Boy I can hardly wait.

He also did my "favourite", tricep dips. Ok, it is my goal to be able to finish any tricep dip track by the year 2008. Speaking of goals, I have made a "pact" with a "friend", to compete to see who can lose the most weight by 31st march, but starting only at the stroke of midnight, after chap goh meh. I need to lose at least 8kg. However, it might not be healthy to do that in one month la.

Anyway, its friday now, and pump was on Monday, so I cant remember very much. On Tuesday, I had to skip the usual combat, coz of another CNY dinner. As I knew I would have to skip Step on Thursday lunch, I made a concerted effort to attend FSI's wednesday evening step class before I am forgotten. However, I made the mistake of announcing too loudly, to FSI, and Horny...who then mumbled something about me missing her Pump and not going for RPM. Lion also said, aiya, if he had known i was going step, he'd also have done so instead of RPM. Actually, I probably neededto burn the calories expended from RPM, more than step. But I've been missing FSI's class for nearly a month. Doesn't time fly.

I'm not accustomed to this Wednesday step, which is so crowded, butt to butt, ass to ass....all this takes is one missed cue to collide into your neighbour....which nearly happened a few times. FSI was not sympathetic to the fact that I was completely exhausted, coz I havent done step for yonks. He said, "...hah, and you didnt even do it properly". Eh, that's what "options" are for mah. I'm sure I was doing the option properly. Snigger.

I have to say that FSI looks pleased as punch, playing these love songs that celebrate the thing that is LURVE. Sounds over the moon. Great class as usual. However, I still seem to sweat more in FDI's combat. I reckon the air cond in MJH is wayyy too cold.