Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Birthday FDI, 1st December

Before I Go Off To Langkawi.....

I thought I'd better blog about this while it's vaguely fresh in my memory. Increasingly, my gym related activities revolve around social functions, and I think in a way, I owe a debt of gratitude to Shades, for opening up a whole new social circle for me. Anyway, last saturday, since all the who's who were in town for the quartelies, we had a broadway night, to showcase the talents of Leon Lai, Jacqueline Wong aka Gorgeous Woman aka Wonder Woman. Of course, the surprise divas were No 1 in Tianjin, who virtually hijacked the entire Phantom of the Opera performance. Singaporeans Ben and Leonard were legendary before I met them, and I can see why. Even wife commented that they are the most melodic guests we've had so far.

Actually FCI and Ahgirl were there too, but since they didnt sing, there arent any shots of them.

Pictures speak a 1000 words, so I guess no further commentary is needed. Oh Lionheart couldn't make it, which is a bummer.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mr Cool is Dam Cool

Since I missed YI's class on Monday, I had to get my pump fix, if not I'd have withdrawal symptoms, despite the fact that I dont REALLY like pump. It's like the oat bran I drink in the morning, I've grown so accustomed to it, though the first time I had it I nearly threw up.

Replacing Herny yesterday was Mr Cool, that old timer with tattoos on his thighs. His movements are so seamless, it really seems like the weights (and they're not light) are just attached to his body. I love that he teaches you how to breathe, which no one else seems to do. I was once told that maybe I aint losing weight coz I ain't breathing right.

Anyway, his squat track was exhausting, despite the fact that there were very little bottom halves. (only 8 at the end). Biceps was a killer. I felt like the big bad wolf, huffing and puffing till I blow the house down. Was so engrossed that I forgot to notice whether lionheart had generated another mini niagara falls on his mat.

And the conditioning track, evillllll!!!! One of those where your legs never touch the ground, for crunches. Then got plank some more. Horrible. But good!!! Really enjoyed that class. Aching today.

Oh, before I get grief for not blogging about it, yeah, attended FCI's combat on Tuesday as usual. Was in a chirpy mood, (as in I was), got there late, registration was full, and told FCI that, and he said, "so??" Cant recall much about the class, it being more than 24 hours ago, but I vaguely remember that it was great.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Baby Lionness Cub's Birthday

This isn't really gym related per se, as in it doesn't involve exercise, but it sure involved a whole lot of gym related people. Mr and Mrs Lionheart hosted their baby's 1st birthday last Sunday. Was a great fun lunch, great food, great company. Of course, everyone eagerly awaited the arrival of Leon Lai, quite the star du jour, or du month, ....

Kids had gala time in the bouncing castle. A neighbouring table of mat sallehs had the most impolitically correct but very cute cake, of the 3 little pigs. So since it was sunday afternoon, of course, no gym. Double whammy, eat eat eat and no gym. Groan.

Also, had to miss YI's body pump class yesterday, coz was late.

Baby's birthday cake. It's chicken little having a bath. FCI's gf thought it was an octopus. Roll eyes.

That was my starter....

The Lionheart and his FIs.

I guess coz they do so much exercise, they're entitled to eat 5 sticks of satay dipped in chocolate sauce. (fruit and marhsmallow satays la)

The inevitable group pic.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Okay, More About Leon

Since there have been requests to bring back the Leon related blogs, so here it is. Well, not by design la, coz I usually go for that Saturday class at the Curve anyway barring any unforeseen circumstances. Again, it was pouring as I rowed by way thru the Sungai Penchala Link, and I had earlier on wanted to text him "aiyo, such nice weather to sleep". However, I didn't want any deja vu, coz two Saturdays when I did send such a text, he called to say all classes were cancelled...(due to that unfortunate incident). True loyalty to an instructor indeed, through rain or shine, (not sunshine)..... not to mention the RM2 toll each way, and RM1 parking, when I could have opted to go to MJH a stone's throw away, no toll, no parking. So, since the Curve class is virtually the only other non MJH class I go for, I'm paying an additional RM27.50 for passport membership, AND RM 5 per weekend, so that's RM20 per month, so, a princely RM47.50 just for Leon's class!!!! Gee, I better start hopping around gyms more to get some economies of scale.

Well, Leon is starting to reveal more of himself. This time, he was sleeveless, AND in 3/4 shorts, so revealing his PCK arms AND legs. My memory fails me now, since this is two days later. What I do remember clearly was, his wrong cueing for one of the tracks, whereby he was describing his OWN legs, forgetting we are mirror image. ie, it was two left knees, one right and one left, or something like that, but he said, two rights, one left, and one right...and we were thinking, huh??? I'm not sure if I heard right, but I coulda sworn I heard him mumble "I dunno why I'm frightened", which is of course the first line of the song from Sunset Boulevard, "As if we never said goodbye".

Hmm, scratching chin, trying to jog memory. Oh yes yes, that groupie song, Crash the Wedding. Split the class into two, etc. There's one part, where he was doing double high fives with the person facing him.... twas quite funny, coz when he did it to me, as in raised his hands to high five, all of a sudden, he looked very very tall, and I wasn't sure I could reach!!!! One thing about his classes, his running commentaries are quite interesting. A lot of things to say one, during the tracks. More so than other instructors that I can recall.

Oh, just got phone call from this company called SYNERGY. They're promoting this package, RM699 annually, access to 24 gyms around KL.....alas, obviously no FF or Celebrity or True. I told him that if they manage to get Celebrity on their panel, sign me up immediately, since it's opening just near to where I work.

Friday, November 17, 2006

FSI's Sidekick

Sorry, this one is a different Sidekick, aka Boy Robin, not the other Sidekick that I meet at FDI's combat.

Anyway, to my surprise, FSI wasn't teaching yesterday. Sheesh, I'd have expected him to inform me, knowing how I religiously go for his classes. What if his replacement had been Pinoke or something along those lines? I guess he didn't inform me coz he knew I'd come anyway, even if I knew who the replacement was.

I think I'm like Pavlov's dog, in a way. Or is it the HMV dog. (his master's voice). Although there's absolutely NOTHING wrong in Klevin's cue-ing, somehow I kept getting lost...yes, more so than in FSI's class. Maybe by reflex I respond to FSI's voice better.

Well, the young fella's class seems to be more intensive in terms of the cardio tracks, but less so for the conditioning tracks, hence securing the pole position of FSI as Fearsome Squat Instructor. That speed track 9 with the shuffle (is that what it's called? the one where you jump off and on the board, to the rhythm with one leg ending up on the board) cannot possibly be good for the joints. I felt like an elephant on stilletos. I mean, your entire weight, which in my case, is nothing to sneer at, in that high impact motion. And my ankles are the size of a baby's wrist...sorry, I need an anatomy lesson. Not ankles. What do you call that area around the achilles tendon? There lah, where the leg meets the foot.

It was a great class though.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Young Instructor's Classes Getting Harder

Have I mentioned this before? When boy Robin is my age now, I'll be SIXTY. When Young Instructor is my age now, I'll be SIXTY TWO!!!!! What a thought. Shudderrrrrrrr.

Anyway, the reason I'm preoccupied with age now is coz I am approaching that magic number, like a canoe reaching the edge of a waterfall. And as you approach the waterfall, it goes faster and faster. Speaking of waterfalls, Lionheart was creating his own little mini waterfall yesterday on his mat. After getting up from lying on the board for the chest track, there was a mini lake, plus three streams flowing down the side of the board. In case you cannot imagine, I've taken the liberty of doing an engineering drawing of the situation. Hope I don't get slapped with a legal suit.

Yah, so can you imagine what kind of track it was to induce that kind of perspiration!!! The PT who joins body pump, and carries the Lionheart kinda weight, had his stuff all set up. 40 kgs worth of 10kg plates, plus some smaller ones, and had even set up his bar for squats, ie, 20-20, when suddenly he disappeared, and didn't reappear again until the end, in time to pack up his stuff. Interesting workout. Apparently the chest track had been tweaked, bottom halves instead of top halves, the break completely obliterated.... hmmm, hope YI doesnt get into trouble. Apparently only la, its not like I know the original choreo, so you give me anything also I won't know if it was the prescribed syllabus or not. Unless there are like 32 bottom halves....then I'd probably go, "Hmmmm, is that for real?"

I was rather proud of myself, that I managed to finish the 24 singles biceps track. But I could NOT, absolutely could nottttt finish the 16 bottom halves on the left leg, for lunges. Dunno why. Normally can one. I don't know how women go through childbirth without epidurals and pain killers. Do lunges oridi the pain is so excruciating. Mind you, some people do grunt like they ARE giving birth. But not in this class la. Oh, I also noticed something. YI's class is relatively quiet. Herny's Wednesday class, lots of cat calls and screamers. Kinda adds to the ambience I guess.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Two Weeks In A Row

Well, two weeks in a row I havent been to FDI's combat, well, last week coz of the unfortunate incident at the Curve, and the recent weekend, coz I had a raya open house. So headed to my old haunt, Nikeboy's class in MJH. I think he must hold the record for keeping a slot for so many years. From the day I joined FF, which was sometime in April, May or June, 2004, he's been on that slot. Notable changes in the schedule have been the Wednesday 5.40 slot, (we're talking combat here), which when I first joined, was taught by some Caucasian fella, Justin I think it was. I found it too intimidating to join. Then it was replaced by FCI, which I still didn't join, until he replaced Nikeboy's class one Saturday evening, and I KNEW from that moment, that he would be my FCI. [cough cough choke]. Then he gave up that hot slot, and was replaced by Sistine Chapel. Now the chapel's gone, left for Penang, apparently. He held that slot quite long too, 1 1/2 years at least.

Then there was the Tuesday evening slot, which was by Aileen, now taken over by FCI. Imelda and Cindy's monday night class was legendary. That was replaced by Sistine chapel as well. Then there was Raymond's saturday morning class, which I had the chance to attend, once. Packed as hell. There used to be a Sunday evening class as well, which was scrapped, for Body Balance. For the longest time, MJH was the only centre with no combat on Sunday. And there used to the thursday lunchtime combat class, originally with Sop Fan. I used to attend this class quite regularly. Then Ben Sim the Mr Cool took over for awhile, before that got scrapped for Body Step, with FSI. But Saturday evening, with Nikeboy, has been the "c" in the equation, y=mx+c. C, the never changing constant.

Over the years, of course, there are a few familiar faces, regulars in that Saturday evening class. It's kinda comforting to see those familiar faces. It gives a sense of err.....belonging? Familiarity? Some new additions have also appeared, such as Panjang, and the guy who's glasses I nearly stomped on. Nikeboy managed to finish 9 tracks in 45 minutes. Not bad.

Friday, November 10, 2006

It's Not Getting I'm Not Getting More Fit...'s just that I'm getting older. That's what I reckon. When I started Step a year ago, I could quite easily finish the whole class without feeling I needed a whole spa treatment afterward. Now, by track 10, it really requires a lot of effort to put in 100%. Theoretically, I should be getting fitter, but alas, I think if we were to plot it on a graphit might look something like this. But any science student worth his salt would know there's something wrong with the either the labelling of the axes, OR the labelling of the lines. Well, fill in the blanks accordingly. Basically, what I intend to say is, you might exercise more, but as age increases, fitness does not necessarily increase with exercise, coz of the effects of ageing. Ha, someone put that into graphic form please.

Back to step. Surprisingly it was very quiet. When class started, only 6 of us were present, though some did trickle in later. A lot of the regulars were missing. And it hadn't even started raining. Aiyo, the warm up track, barely two seconds after the starting oridi got knee repeaters. That took me by surprise. I recall there's one warm up track where you dont even touch the step board.

Was suitably drenched in sweat by the end of it.

Oh, I saw this ad in the papers today, and coulda sworn the male "model" was exFCI. Doesn't he bear a striking resemblance? But apparently, it wasn't.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Or more appropriate, pumpill. Ie, Pump, followed by Treadmill.

Actually, I recall now why I took up GX classes. 30 minutes on the treadmill really seems to take FOREVER. My hats off to those with the tenacity to regularly day after day, go on that machine that takes you nowhere. In light of the recent tragedy at the Curve, I am also beginning to think that of all the stationary machines, the treadmill is the most hazardous, coz one mistep, and you might sustain some serious injuries. I recall a friend once in the days of yore, in sweat club, apparently turned around to wave to another friend, and fell splat on his face. But its quite a nice feeling though, having completed the 30 minutes.

Can someone enlighten me on weight loss heart rate. Coz if it is what I THINK it is, then all that body step and body combat, which brings you ABOVE the weight loss heart rate, is pointless!!! For my age, the weight loss heartrate is 220x80% = 176-40 = 136 beats per minute. Which is achieved by walking at 15% (the max gradient on the treadmill) at 6km/h. This combo, in terms of calorie burning seems to be quite good. Can burn supposedly 450 cals in half an hour. Quite funny, how when you select a manual program, you have to key in your "age" into the treadmill. A slight chill ran down my spine as I typed FOUR ZERO.

Before that, I had gone for Body Pump. For a 4.45 class, it was mighty packed. Lionheart was there, as usual with his 20kg a side squat. Just looking at it made me exhausted. The portly gentleman next to him was a close 17.5kg a side. If the studio were a ship, we'd have capsized or tilted over one side, as all the heavy weights were on the right side of the room. (as in, the weights they carried were heavy). It was quite a tough class actually, and had a decent amount of sweat.

When I was leaving the gym, I caught a glimpse of the famous Kylie Gates. Actually, FDI sms-ed me to tell me that he was hoping to catch her class, at 8.30. When I read the sms, it didn't click that 8.30 was the wrong time, or I could have alerted him. Her class (balance) was actually after FSI's class, which would have been 7.45 or 7.50. Of course, I sms-ed him at 9.30 to tell him this oversight, which was a fat load of good.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lazy Lazy

Didnt make it to Young Instructor's pump class on Monday, mainly because FCI's housewarming the night before had sapped me of all energy. Lionheart on the other hand, was bright up and early apparently, for double pump and step classes, on Monday morning.

And the malaise dragged on. Good habits are SO easy to break, and bad habits just follow the flow of gravity. On Tuesday, yesterday, I was all but ready to skip classes as well. Apart from being in a royally foul mood, it was raining torrential rain. The water spilling off the side lane of manulife building would give Iguazu Falls a run for its money. As I waited in the queue to enter the car park, I half expected some flying debris to fly into the car and kill or maim me. I honestly wasn't in the mood for combat, and intended to work it out on the treadmill, but reaslistically speaking, the lure of FCI was just too much, I mean, how could a person choose a treadmill over FCI!!! All the usual suspects were there. It never ceases to impress me how many instructors actually attend the class. Off hand, I could count at least 4 other instructors there...some could be shadows even.

Received an sms from Lionheart that he had just attended a pump class with 32 singles in the biceps track. Ya man, go with the Flo!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

A Very Gym Weekend much to write, I don't know where to start.

Last Thursday was Body Step with FSI during lunch time as usual. After a 2 week hiatus, body step can be quite exhausting. Anyway, so much has happened since then, I can't even remember what happened in the class, except for some references to roast duck by FSI interspersed somewhere in between the commentaries.

On Friday, I heard the boy Robin was replacing Richelle for pump. Alas, much as I would have loved to have gone, there were too many last minute cake orders, so I was stuck in the kitchen. I heard from Lionheart that it was a tough class.

Saturday. At 3.30pm, it was pouring cats and dogs, and such nice weather to sleep, prompting me to sms FDI to say, "aiyo, such nice weather to tidur". At 4pm, I get a call from FDI saying "oi, you can continue sleeping, all classes have been cancelled at the Curve". Apparently some poor chap had keeled over and died of a heart attack whilst on the treadmill. Quite scary, considering the guy was only 32, and not big sized. So, all classes were cancelled.

Out of deference to the deceased, I shall not repeat some of the sms-es I received in relation to this mishap.

Anyway, FDI sent an sms saying, "go for kelvin tan's class la". Well, ya, he didn't have to tell me that, I had intended to anyway. Afterall, that was my original slot, before I started going to the Curve. And that Nikeboy has been teaching that Saturday 6pm slot since time immemorial. To my surprise, FDI was also there, and was called up to team teach with Nikeboy. The class was packed, apparently cos of the mass exodus from the Curve. Recognised one or two faces from the Curve crowd. Nikeboy look chuffed that the class was so packed. FDI took over tracks 2-4, and somewhere in between, shouted, "I feel so aliveeeeeee", which made me raise an eyebrow, thinking, "hmm, what an ironic remark, in light of the recent mishap in the curve". It was a great class though. Two divas, like watching Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston together....I realised I kinda missed that Saturday evening slot at MJH.

Then it was time for dinner with all our favourite instructors, who were very kindly giving us a treat. (us meaning Lionheart & Mrs Lionheart, yhsmom, me, and Donna) Dinner was at Hong Kong Food Culture, Low Yat plaza. Very interesting food, I've never had it before. Poon choi. A large pot comprising a variety of stuff, from scallops to mushrooms to lap cheongs.

Talking about large pots, guess who the large fella in the picture is? It certainly gives hope to the fatmen. (hint, from tall dark and err..handsome, he's now PCK)

Someone in this pic is the fatman in the preceding pic

The pot full of goodies. It was rather good la, I have to say.

Tit comparing session

What a great night it was. We were saying that it really is coz of such wonderful instructors and such camaraderie that makes the thought of defecting to other gyms, unthinkable.

On Sunday night, yet another gym related function, with FCI hosting us at his new pad in Desa Parkcity, for his housewarming. Poor ahgirl must have the only non-FF person there, (wife aside). Had agreed to help FCI cook some stuff, since he IS afterall my FAVOURITE FAVOURITE instructor of all time. My contribution was the Roast Duck pasta, which was requested by FSI, mee siam, salad, and two desserts, a Lemon Meringue Pie, and a Chocolate Cake with bananas. It was an experimental cake, as I used a Yoghurt Chocolate Cake as the base. It also doubled up as a birthday cake for one of FCI's guest. The duck pasta was quite popular, but the fried meehoon wasnt finished, which apparently prompted FSI to remark to FCI, and I quote:

"fsi said,see Your dad make d pasta for me n d meehon for u. ppl like me so they finish d pasta. look at d meehon."

Guffaw, what a deliciously bitchy remark.

Horny, Lynn and FCI

FCI's larder. This is what fitness instructors eat. Fascinating.

Diva Country

Choobacca and FCI

Wonder what was it that Lionheart found so hilarious!!!

Anyway, it was a great night. As usual, the young people of today do not have the tenacity and stamina of the old folk; most of the below 30s had left by 10.30, leaving only the more vintaged folk. Conversations ranged from gym gossip to 80s music. We concluded we must go for a retro night/mambo jambo at Velvet one of these Wednesdays.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

While We're On The Topic of Pak Cham Kai

Photos courtesy of yhsmom who sent these pictures, with the email stating,
"Thought it was really funny that you highlighted our Leon's snowy white arms because the real Leon also had the same problem!"

Oh well. However, shudder, if you were to check out Leon's latest post, for scary halloween jam, you'd see that he now resembles Boy George, and not in his karma chameleon days, I can tell you that!!! Okay okay, I don't want our FDI to melt from sudden overexposure. Change topic.

After a month or so long hiatus, finally returned to the cyclemill, for RPM. The class was packed, and I must gotten the 2nd last bike. Someone who didn't register had to vacate his bike. Well, if there was ever any doubt whether or not RPM instructors actually turn their knobs, yesterday dispelled all doubt. In fact, I am wondering why she turned it so many rounds!!! Phwaaah. I was sitting virtually perpendicularly to the instructor, so I could see the side profile.

By track 4, I was thinking, are we on track 5? We can't POSSIBLY be still on track 4. And quite honestly, by track 7, I was in a state of day dreaming, and probably not really working out very much, except until the last 2 minutes or so. What does one say about RPM class? It was stuffy, disgustingly claustrophobic, but darn good workout. And oh the euphoria at the end of track 7. Better than ***. Almost.

Bumped into old Thursday evening combat instructor in the changing room. He was saying that the according to the choreographers, the latest combat can burn 1300 calories....wonder how that works. I was telling him I did RPM not coz I liked it, but cos it was calorie burning effective, since I once overheard a combat instructress tell a newbie that you burn 300 ++ calories during combat....which I thought was pittance. According to Eugene, (the CI I was chatting with), that's poppy cock. 300 calories if you are moving with the strength of vegetable maybe.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Listen To My Bagpipes

There's something fascinating I find about the Bagpipes song, for track 4, Combat 26. Mesmerising, almost. Firstly, I can't figure out what the heck they're saying, it sounds like some incoherent demon possessed chant, but yet, there's a pulse in the song that really makes it such a fun track. Of course, the 4 jabs plus knifing the opponents neck and jugular makes it all that much more delicious. And I love that blabbing that goes on just before the jump kick sequence starts. Apparently, all it says is "listen to my bagpipes", but from where I am, it sounds like gibberish.

The class wasn't as packed as it used to be. Bring back the Cherubim (formerly known as Cerberus), I say. I think somehow, she managed to draw the crowds, in a very paradoxical way. It became a challenge to get into class. Now, there seems to be no challenge to get in. I was like number 15 in the register, where previously we'd be lucky to be number 38 or 39. Or GASP, don't tell me it's true, FCI is losing his appeal!!! HAHAHHAAHAHHAAHAHHAA. (Evil cackle). Well, if he keeps expecting people to remember their kata moves without any guidance....hmmmph.....

Nevertheless, it was a great class, as usual. Finally spoke with one the chappies whom I know also attends FDI's class on Saturdays. Funny how after awhile, you see all these people, and you can't remember, "have I actually spoken to them before?", because they all look so familiar.

Meanwhile, talking about familiar, look who appeared in yesterday's NST, fitness section.

Yup, it's been almost a year since he left the friday pump slot, after he was OUSTED by Shades, (who only usurped the position to dump it again unceremoniously shortly after the event. I think he was then replaced by Mighty Mouse, and subsequently, our dear hot hot Richelle).

And in another development, Lionheart has finally made his appearance on the blogosphere by leaving a comment in the previous post.