Tuesday, October 31, 2006

He Hasn't Grown Taller Apparently

Initially I thought YI had grown taller, when I saw him last week. I mean, he is still in the "growing" age, as far as I know....when do boys stop growing? (heightwise, I mean?) But when I asked him, he dispelled the myth.

Oh yes, before I forget, I forgot to blog about this interesting observation in FDI's class on Saturday at the curve. Being a bit preoccupied with my diseased state, it did occur to me that something was different about that diva up there on stage. It looked rather bright. Like a spotlight was shining there......anyway, it turns out he was wearing a sleeveless shirt, hence exposing his very fair pak cham kai arms. Hence the flash of brightness.

Back to pump. More or less the usual suspects, one or two whom I haven't seen in awhile, and who seemed to be suffering because of the long hiatus. Including me. I soooo cannot do that wretched triceps dip track, California whatever. Triceps pushups, no probs, kickbacks, and french press oso no problem. But those dippy dips. AIYO. Really must try to work on it.

There was a lady at the back who kept complaining about how loud the mike was. Strange, different people have different noise tolerance I guess. To me it was fine. Poor YI seemed a bit flustered, but very cleverly said, "oh, the dial is at 9 o'clock, and that's what they prescribe." I have to say for a young boy, he carries himself exceedingly confidently.

I can't imagine chatting with 40 year olds when I was his age.

Monday, October 30, 2006

You Know You Aren't Well When You're Winded By The Warm Up

It was one of those rare fridays when I didn't have to rush any last minute cake orders or prepare supper for bible study, so I was glad for the chance to go to Richelle's pump class. I always gape in wonder at the free step class preceding pump. They consist mainly guys, and mean looking ones too, as in, all professional free steppers, and not a class where you'd want to be holding up the rest, especially since it involved sharing of step boards.

It was my 2nd class this week, still weak from the mystery ailment that struck me earlier in the week. The 5kg warm up weight felt like LEAD, and after 3 minutes into the class, I thought, oh no, how much longer!!! Took it easy with squats. Oh, Richelle had commented earlier, referring to the fact that Lionheart and Yhsmom not around, "oh, the hardcore not here, so can relax a bit". Surprisingly, Malik, aka Atlas, (carries the weight of the world), was also lightweight, with only 10kgs for squats. Even Richelle commented. By the chest track, I thought I was ready to be carried out in a box. And to my horror, my hitherto minor allergy seemed to be becoming full blown, as I could see the red spots appear with all that pumping. By the next morning, it had become a full blown allergy. It was a great class as always, though I was winded badly. Ah, the bliss of the cool down, and my favourite Liberatio by Krypteria.

On Saturday, I was feeling like a victim of small pox. The unsightly allergy made me want to cover all exposed parts for Combat at the the curve. Sweat somehow aggravates the redness. And again, by the warm up, I was winded. Sunshine kept saying I looked pale and tired. FDI was in his elements, despite earlier having complained of morning sickness. On stage with him was pickles, looking very lioness, with her mane all over the place. (okay, maybe lion, as lionesses don't have manes) If the hair had been longer, it would have resembled a scene from Pontianak Harum Sundal, plus her growling expression.

Coulda sworn FDI made some choreo error in the muay thai, but was too exhausted to really pay attention. Told Sunshine and Sidekick that if I collapsed, make sure the stretcher can carry a weight of at least 80kg. By the end of the class, the rash looked quite disgusting. I looked highly contagious.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Want A Refund On My Public Holiday

I've been SICK SICK SICK since Sunday after Deepavali. I have to sheepishly admit that it might have been self induced, coz I have been really "living it up" prior to that....very lazy, no gym since last Thursday's lunchtime step class. On Deepavali, a 6 hour champagne brunch, which saw 11 bottles of bubbly consumed, by basically 8 or 9 drinkers, was probably the last straw that done me in. High-ish fever struck on Sunday, and lingered irritatingly on till yesterday, though in a low grade way. Still, never one to succumb to minor inconveniences in life, I dragged myself to FCI's combat class yesterday at Manulife.

I got there early, and at first I thought it was gonna be an empty class. A few of his usual cohorts and faithful were there waiting, but obviously I didn't give enough credit to the allure of FCI, coz by the time it was time for the class to start, the studio was full. And the fler was late by 5 minutes. And the mike didn't work. FDI also made an appearance in the class, as a member. So there were at least 2 instructors in the class, coz Sop Fan was also there. I'm sure that must have been great to milk FCI's ego.

Because of my state of unwellness, that 1 hour seemed to drag for eternity. After grabbing a quick drink after track 6, I almost felt like vomitting in the muay thai, not because it was strenuous, but coz I just felt like vomitting. To make things worse, when it came to conditioning, FCI specifically announced to the class that I was sick, blah blah blah, and options for sick ppl was to do pushups on their knees.... idiot!!!

Meanwhile, Lionheart has been keeping me abreast of his gyming and gastronomical activities down under. His description of the Body Attack, under an Amazon called Amelia, made it sound like military training. He actually went for BODY PUMP at 6.30am!!! While on HOLIDAY!!!! Talk about hard core. I doubt I could make it for 6.30pm, let alone a.m., while on holiday. What interested me more though, was his orgiastic culinary experience, argh, just thinking about it makes me greener than choy sum.

AND by the way, Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Deepavali to all you guys out there who celebrate.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Newbies By The Half Dozen

There were at least 6 newbies at the Body Step class at lunchtime yesterday. As usual, the overpowering power of estrogen was overwhelming. I could feel the cup size increase a notch. I had gotten there just in time, but still ended on in the front row, and to my horror, FSI asked me to move my board to be directly in front of him. I said, cannot, it would be too distracting, so I placed the board slightly offset centre. Nothing more disconcerting than staring an instructor straight in the face, and eye to eye level too!!!

There must have been some meeting in Manulife for FF, cos I saw Macho Nippon Lady, Wes Carter the British Hunk, Boy Robin....all milling around.

One of the newbies took a rather dramatic tumble, but for that matter, even FSI nearly tripped in one of the tracks. Anyway, I don't foresee attending any classes until next week, so happy deepavali all, and selamat hari raya.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tuesday Combat

...for want of a better title. It's hard to think of catchy titles. Wonder how newspaper editors do it. Actually, judging by the some of the headlines, not much thought goes into it.

Leisurely tuesday after work, no dessert orders to rush, so was at the gym in time to be no 25 on the register. But actually yesterday's class was emptier than usual, probably because of the haze (though Sunshine was there), the impending holidays, fasting month, etc etc. Which suited me just fine. It made the class a lot more pleasant, without having to feel like you are constrained to your 1 sq ft of space. Still, that did not prevent several near mishaps. The girl in front of me, I could smell the sole of shoe when she did her back kick....yup, saw this sole coming towards me like an oncoming train. The guy next to me, during muay thai, must have been so excited doing knee and jumps, that his glasses flew off and landed right under my feet. His quick reflexes prevented me from stomping his glasses into a pulp. I was distracted by FCI who was moving around the class so I didn't see the glasses; normally I would be looking front, and would have seen the reflection of the projectile.

In another part of the studio, apparently someone sprained their ankle, foot , whatever, during track 6, the double side kick. The ballet style side kick....ironically apparently the victim was a ballet teacher. The selection of the first 4 tracks were my favourites. Dunno what the warm up is called, but it reminded me of my thursday lunchtime combat under Sop Fan (that's when I first saw GW, who sat in as an invigilator, and really stressed the poor girl out). Track 2 was final countdown. Love that one. Third one, Field of Dreams, reminds me of exFCI, for some strange reason. 4th one, that very artistic kata, (like the arms of a Hindu goddess), and the million sidekicks, reminds me of Evolution. Dunno why. Time to update my Associated By Les Mills Track Songs List....(ie, which song reminds me of which instructor).

Speaking of instructors, FCI "accused" me of having this bored, uninterested, tortured look in his class, as opposed to an animated, happy, interested look in the Saturday Curve class. I cannot roll my eyes enough at this idiotic allegation, and how the heck would he know what I look like in the Saturday class!!! The fact that I am always biting my lower lip to prevent myself laughing out loud (in Leon's class) is HARDLY an indication that I prefer FDI's class over FCI's!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Warning: Not For People Aged 18 and Below. X Rated Post

I received this picture, courtesy of YHSMOM, and it is just screaming out to be blogged.

The good thing about being in Fitness First, is of course, you are privy to all these starlets, divas and celebrities. After all, Sistine Chapel is not the first to have appeared in a public publication; (all this information is courtesy of YHSMOM, lest people wonder why I am flipping through female magazines with hunks.....though I do buy cooking magazines). Apparently FSI has been featured as FEMALE magazine's top 50 whatever whatever...anyone got a pic of that? Wife actually saw the picture in a hair saloon, I chided her for not ripping the page out and showing me. ExFCI has also appeared in CLEO, and is a regular feature in NST. Shades has appeared in Malay Mail, in some smoochy smoochy article about the "THINGS COUPLES DO TOGETHER". So, if any gym should be called CELEBRITY, I reckon it should be fitness first.

Anyway, we wish you luck, Sistine Chapel, in whatever competition it is you're participating in. Make us, your faithful body combat students, PROUDDDDD of our beloved instructor!!!!

On a less glamorous note, Body Pump with YI yesterday was a lark!!! Is FF having another of those one month cheapo membership promo? Cos the class yesterday was inundated with newbies. Could see poor YI was quite flustered, in addition, the mike was acting up, as was the right speaker. By the time all the newcomers had set up, we were already 5 minutes late, which I was secretly happy about, coz it meant skipping one track. (he usually does 10 tracks in the 45 minute class).

I don't know if it's the folly of youth, ignorance, pride, plain lack of commonsense, or a combo of all. I mean, IF you were a first timer, it would be prudent not to emulate the likes of lionheart at your first attempt. I cannot expect YI to pay attention to all the newbies, but he did constantly stress to lighten the weights. The guy next to me, apart from not heeding the advice for squats, and had his knees way way way beyond his toe line, decided to follow Rapunzel, if not more. I actually felt quite worried for the guy, coz with 12kg on each side, and squatting like you're doing the limbo, hmm......

Since he had not heeded YI's instructions at all, when it came to biceps, I ALMOST wanted to tell him not to pile on 7kg on each side. But far be it for me to interfere in people's affairs, as I am a shy person by nature. Also, the sadistic streak within me was dying to see the outcome. Heck, even Rapunzel only carried 6kg. Unfortunately, YI stuck to the new release biceps, which was easy. What I would have given to see him do that one with the 24 singles. (evil cackle in my head). Anyway, the Foolish Youth of Today, predictably, was winded 2 minutes into the track, and looked like he was in more pain than a woman in labour. Okay, okay, as if THAT wasnt enough, he left the 7kg weights on for the shoulder track, and attempted doing the bar work with that weight. One regular behind me couldn't tahan, and actually told him, eh, you can use the plates if its too heavy. Did he listen??? Do pigs fly??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Now I see the importance of Intro To Group X classes. I was lucky, when I first did Pump, coz it was with Lisa Jones, and I was the only newbie. Also, I didn't attempt to be Mr Universe, and pretty much stuck to a max of 5kg in that first class. (so much so, for one track, Lisa actually said, "You look like you could add a bit more")

Maybe they should impose some sort of prerequisite. Need to have certificate from Intro To Group X first before attending a proper class.... heh heh.

Also bumped into Shades GF, who had just recovered from the POX. Poor lass. It's very traumatic leh, to get chicken pox as an adult. The scars take forever to heal.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Finally, Wasabi

Let's see, I've been rather slack. I just realised the last post was after FCI's class on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I think I did nothing. Thursday was FSI's class at lunchtime as usual. There's this gentleman who's always in the gym at lunchtime, and it's funny coz you kinda subconsciously remember who you see in the gym, and we've actually said hi a couple of times. Now, whenever he sees me, he says, ah, it's the Thursday guy. (alluding to the fact that I am there religiously every Thursday). We're still on the new release, which is actually only the 2nd time I'm doing it. Of course with FSI, you can play anything and his class would still be enjoyable. Oh, the pushups are a killer!!!

Friday, absolutely HAD to miss Richelle's class. Cake orders were coming in like a flood. On Saturday, I was ABSOLUTELY stressed, trying to meet a self imposed deadline so that I could attend FDI's combat class. Time really flies, the last time I went for that class was 23rd Sept. 30th was the launch week, then 7th I was in HK, and if I missed this sat, it would be at least the 29th before I caught the class. As the song goes, I've grown accustomed to his face... and also a few others who go there regularly, like Sidekick and Sunshine. Apparently FDI is making it a mission to make me laugh (out loud) in class. As it is, I'm biting my lips to prevent that happening. Finally got to try the new track 5, Wasabi, and I can see why FCI has done away with it. Weird. And those jumps!!! Gosh, if I was 10 years younger, MAYBE lah, but I am sure I'd look even more idiotic than normal should I attempt those kinda jumps. What if your legs can't straighten in time? You might just fall onto the floor in a heaped pile.

Enjoyable class as usual. Mean pushups!!! Only just figured out that those were upper half "pulses".....when FCI did it, I couldnt figure out whaaaat the heck they were.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More New Releases

I have learnt that when a pump instructor says a particular track is easy, not to always really believe them. YI said that the chest track for the new release was easy, no pushups etc. Actually, no push ups is bad news. It's easier to break and do push ups, than to pump the bar throughout. Especially these days, when breaks in the middle of the track are rarer than an efficient government servant. And, the tweaking that goes on to make tracks even harder. Shoulder rolls are done away with, and replaced with bottom halves, or what have you....

Again, I am ambivalent about the new pump release. Biceps was the quite okay though, as in, easier than normal. Boy they really go to extremes, from like 300 singles in some releases to none at all in this one. Hardly any pushups either. Bah. Lionheart, the NewRelease Hater, was there, reiterating the fact that he hated the new release, and even more so for body step. Meanwhile, we both had gotten an sms from FGXC inviting us to the pot luck buka puasa at SPK on Wed. He also got invited to the Axis one, being the gym luminary that he is..... Of course, both of us commented how come OTHER GXCs are inviting us, but our own GXC, (Manulife is more or less our defacto home gym), zilch. No buka puasa invites.

Despite having to attend a friend's 40th in town, yesterday, I still decided to attend FCI's combat class, not having been satisfied with the 45 minute class on sunday. Also wanted to check out the FULL new release....harumph....still dunno what track 5 is like. Grunt.

This time round, I kinda enjoyed track 3, and track 6. The kata and back kick combo is quite cheekek. Oh I heard from Gorgeous Woman that she got socked in the left temple by some over zealous member whilst doing hooks. Scratching chin in wonderment, how that could happen. It was a great class as usual, full of energy. Oh, Yhsmom made a guest star appearance, but only because her normal free sex class in Philip Vain was cancelled. Oops, free STEP class I mean. Also, Panjang is back in class, ....still best to keep a safe distance from the guy, as his long limbs are likely to inflict some serious injury upon impact....FCI kept "looking up to him". The top of the fler's head only barely reaches Panjang's chin. No better way to accentuate your shortness than by standing next to the empire state building.

A lot of new faces in the class, after a 3 week hiatus.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Meeting Up With Gorgeous Woman

Shades, I haven't been updating because I've been away, dear chap. Shocked that you didn't know that. I'm sure all my other FIs knew where I was, ie, Hong Kong.

I had planned the surprise down to a T. I was supposed to take the mtr to sheung wan, hop over to Grand Millennium Plaza, and attend the combat class at 5.45pm on Wednesday, and give Gorgeous Woman a shock. I had been monitoring the online schedule all of September, and she seemed to teach that spot regularly, so I thought my odds of being able to surprise her wasn't bad. And, she was back from Bangkok on Tuesday. BUT, just before I left, I found out that that Wednesday class was merely a replacement. Of all the arse luck. There went the surprise. Anyway, despite my good intentions, whereby I actually brought my gym gear this time, and got my international FF passport, I never quite made it to the gym in my 4 day stay there. However, I did manage to meet up with GW for breakfast, at some bistro in Lan Kwai Fong. Lovely English breakfast, with the works. Bottomless coffee too. Of course, food in HK is terribly expensive.

GW's salmon omelette looked rather good, and a whole lot healthier.

Had a nice chat, sent GW all the regards (from Young Wolf and Leon and Yhsmom) from the people here. She's looking well, and with that new haircut, looks much better in real life than in the shocking pics she posts on MSN.

For full commentary on the HK trip itself, check out the other blog.

After 4 days of orgiastic feasting, I think it's time to observe my own personal ramadan. Started off well, with me going for FCI's debut body combat class at Manulife, on Sunday morning. Felt cheated, cos it's a 45 minute class, but at least got to try most of the new release. Ambivalent about it. Like the warm up. But it was too early in the morning, and I was still tired. The class on the whole was eerily silent as well, not the usual shouting frenzy that accompanies FCI's class, but for a Sunday morning, it was quite crowded. Not gonna be a regular class for me, coz it clashes with church. (why I didnt go yesterday was a whole different story).

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Delayed New Release

Arrived at the locker room only to find Young Instructor looking very flustered. He was saying that he lost his CD bag, with the CDs for the new release, and therefore would not be able to do the new release yesterday. I can almost guarantee you that had Lionheart been there, he'd have done cartwheels, as he seems to be a "new release hater".

I don't know why, as if to compensate for not being able to do the new release, I found his class to be absolutely EXHAUSTING yesterday. By the end of it, I felt drained of all energy, and a couple of others there seemed to agree. Now, it doesn't really fan the male ego when the one carrying the HEAVIEST squat weight, of 15kg each side, was a female. How do you solve a problem like..?

YI said he'd try to choose the tracks that were most similar to the new release. Even for lunges, I had problems this week, (it was the same track last week, but I had no probs then). And the biceps tracks, is it human to put in so many singles? At least 2 sets of 16, and goodness knows how many sets of 8. Okay, quite proud of myself, probably missed two or at the most, three singles.

I still find it hard to believe that YI is actually so Y. By the time he's my age, he'll be carrying himself like a grandfather I tell you.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Launch At IOI Mall, Puchong

Well, that's really a bogus heading, coz I didn't go. I was toying with the idea of going for body attack at 4pm, although the prospect of driving all the way there didn't particularly appeal to me, although I knew it would give me the opportunity to listen in peace, to the other half of this new musical, WICKED, which was recommended by Leon Lai. I think my mental clock is still tuned to going for combat at the curve on Saturday at 4.35pm, so when I fell asleep in the OSIM chair, I didnt stir until 3.45, by which time it was too late unless I went by helicopter.

On Friday, went for Richelle's pump class. Finally saw who her legion of adoring male fans were... described by yhsmom as "the boys in the football jerseys" (censored, and paraphrased). Fortunately, Richelle was recovering from something or someone, so she had forewarned us that the class would be not as tough as usual. Well, even so, it was tough enough for some people to be winded halfway. Alright, so it didn't have her customary barrage of bottom halves, but still, I would hardly call it an easy class. I recall there were 16 singles in the beginning of the biceps track. How is that easy??? Stevie Wonder sported a most unusual hairstyle, he looked like a magnified version of the Siamese King's kids in King and I. As usual, most satisfying class.

Now, hypothetically, I wonder what would happen if I blogged something like,
"I didn't know what to expect, as I've never been for this particular instructors class before. The shadow on stage had jugs the size of pomelos, and had no qualms displaying her generous cleavage as she semi prostrated to adjust the height of the apparatus needed for the class. Her hair, tied up like a pony tail, (but not long enough to be called one), flopped around distractingly in rhythm to the music, reminding me of one of those bobbing head toys on the dashboard of a car. The instructor himself, sounded like he could use a drink of WD40. That squeak could have been attributed to the sore throat he said he had, in the beginning of the class. However to his credit, his cueing is very good, and although it was a new release, he made no visible mistake".

Of course, I said HYPOTHETICALLY..... now the problem with this kinda blog is staying politically correct, and hope no one reads when you make a remark about them, in anything remotely less than positive light. Like that Cerberus incident. Where no malice was intended. Anyway, I'll let this post remain as it is for awhile before anyone objects and I have to strike it out. I might need to learn the strikethrough technology from shades.